Media Situation:

Recent reports from international organisations and studies in the field of media, have quoted Albanian media as being free from formal censorship and authoritarian repression, but not free from the influences of government, politics and economic interests of media owners. In the European Commission Progress Report for Albania, it is stated: "The lack of transparency of media financing and the interference in the media by political and economic interests remain major challenges." More

Media Freedom:

The recent Reporters Without Borders (RWB) report on freedom of the press reveals that media freedom in Albania is steadily improving. The current 82nd rank of the country is attributed to government effort to prioritize media freedom. More

Media Outlets:

The number of media outlets in Albania is relatively high compared to the country’s population. The right to establish a media outlet is guaranteed by law for all individuals and organisations. More

Media Usage:

Graphics on media usage in Albania. More

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