Here we are presenting analyses, reports and studies by KAS and other NGOs in the region.

Digital News Report 2018

Worldwide report, including research on Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania

Report | June 2018 | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Media Freedom in Bulgaria

Report on the media freedom in Bulgaria

Report | May 2018 | ECPMF

Media Ownership Monitor Albania

Analysis of the Albanian media landscape

Report | March 2018 | BIRN & Reporters Without Borders

Back to the Drawing Board: Crafting the ideal journalism curricula for South East Europe

The research aimed at creating a set of indicators for evaluating the study programs in journalism in the SEE countries.

Analysis | November 2017 | School of Journalism and Public Relations, Institute of Communication Studies

Jurij Gagarin no. 17/1-1, Skopje

Ownership, financial models and programme diversity of the most influential TV channels in Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia

Report | September 2017 | Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM)

Media Pluralism Monitor 2016 Bulgaria

National report on potential risks to media pluralism in Bulgaria

Analysis | July 2017

Media and Information literacy policies in Europe

National reports on media literacy in Europe.

Analysis | March 2017

Number of (un)employed journalists in Croatia?

Fairpress is publishing a series of articles about the real state in the Croatian media sector. The first topic is related to the analysis of records of the number of (un)employed journalists.

Analysis | January 2017 | Fairpress

Investigative Journalism Manual (IJP)

The IJM is designed to equip journalists with core investigative reporting skills and to support watchdog journalism in difficult environments.

Tool | October 2016 | KAS Media Program

Requirements for modern journalism education

The book provides insights into the students’ perspective on journalism education at universities in South East Europe.

Book | November 2016 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Conflict reporting in the smartphone era – from budget constraints to information warfare

The book presents existing recommendations of international organisations and new trends of reporting.

Book | November 2016 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Internet Ownership Project

Investigation survey on internet ownership in Eastern Europe.

Report | April 2016 | Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Euractiv and RISE Project

Journalism Education in Albania

The survey is based on an extensive survey conducted with 465 Albanian students of journalism during 2015.

Report | April 2016 | Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture

Financial engineering for state and media capture

The paper analyses the state-media financial relations in the countries of South East Europe

Report | April 2016 | SEE Media Observatory | Sandra B. Hrvatin & Brankica Petković

Broadcasters’ Collapse Mirrors Bosnia’s Own Decline

Two decades of bad management, political influence and a polarised society have brought Bosnia's three public TV stations to the verge of collapse.

Analysis | March 2016 | BalkanInsight | Zekerijah Smajic and Srecko Latal

Annual report on Romanian media 2015

The monitoring of the Romanian media landscape reveals the trends in the political reporting in Romania.

Report | March 2016 | KAS Media Program South East Europe & Center for Independent Journalism

Annual report on Bulgarian media 2015

Only 12 percent of Bulgarians believe in the independence of media. According to a representative survey commissioned by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, trust in the media has further decreased.

Report | February 2016 | KAS Media Program South East Europe & Foundation Media Democracy

Media Integrity Reports 2015

Reports on media ownership and financing in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro

Report | December 2015 | SEE MediaObservatory

Digital culture in South East Europe

The publication gives an overview on the state of digital culture in South East Europe

Report | September 2015 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Employment conditions of journalists

The survey analyses the working conditions of journalists in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

Report | March 2015 | SEE Partnership for Media Development

Opinion poll on trust of Bulgarians in the media

Representative survey on behalf of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung shows crisis of confidence in media and political communication: 59 percent of the population of Bulgaria do not consider the media to be independent. Many are undecided and only 17 percent believe reporting is free.

Report | 3 February 2015 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Journalistic Education in South East Europe

Country reports of the "Task Force Journalistic Education" of KAS Media Program South East Europe. The publication contains an inventory of journalistic studies in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

Book | 17 November 2014 | KAS Media Program South East Europe

Balkan Media Barometer 2014: Bulgaria

The Balkan Media Barometer 2014 follows the tradition of the Media Barometers that were launched by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in 2004. The study was conducted in Bulgaria for the first time in 2012.

Report | 28 October | Foundation Media Democracy & Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Journalist = entrepreneur, a model of the future

In the digital era, online media and entrepreneurship are becoming more and more important for journalists in South East Europe.

Report | 16 September 2014 | KAS Media Program

Sustainable policy and media freedom are central on way to EU

The EU and its enlargement are complex issues – both for journalists and the media audience. Therefore, the KAS Media Program South East Europe organises

an information seminar once a year.

Report | 6 September 2014 | KAS Media Program

Data journalism is central to investigative reporters

Journalists have more and more rights to access information – but when it comes to exercising these rights, authorities are often uncooperative.

The development towards more transparency in South East Europe has still not been completed yet.

Report | 14 June 2014 | KAS Media Program

European Elections: Calm media campaign in Bulgaria

Findings of monitoring of the Bulgarian media during the European elections 2014

Report | 10 June 2014 | KAS Media Program & Foundation Media Democracy

Media Studies

Media Studies is an interdisciplinary journal on media, communications, journalism, and public relations, within each field’s cultural, historical, political and/or economic contexts.

Periodical | University of Zagreb & Faculty of Political Science and the Croatian Communication Association

The Right to Information in Serbia and Bulgaria

In post-communist states where democratic standards first had to be established, the laws relating to freedom of information are of particular significance.

International Report | 17 April 2014 | KAS Media Program

Guaranteeing media freedom in Europe – despite total surveillance?

Publication on media freedom in Europe under the aspect of technical surveillance carried out by public and semi-public institutions.

Report | 12 - 13 March 2014 | 12th Frankfurt Days on Media Law 2014, Prof. Dr. Johannes Weberling

Few Romanians think the media are independent

Only 20 percent of Romanians believe in the independence of the media. That is the result of a public opinion poll conducted by the independent agency Market Links and commissioned by KAS.

Report | 27 February 2014 | KAS Media Program & Center for Independent Journalism

Serbian Access to Information Law scores high

The Serbian Access to Information Law is on average being assessed as "good" (2 on a scale from 1 to 5) in a recent KAS survey among journalists in Serbia.

Report | 20 February 2014 | KAS Media Program

Hashtag against media: Political rise of social networks

Summary of the 2013 annual report of the Media Monitoring Lab of Foundation Media Democracy.

Report | 20 February 2014 | Foundation Media Democracy

Bulgarian Media Monitoring 2014

The monitoring report summarises the findings of an analysis of over 12,000 articles in four daily newspapers and four TV channels.

Report | 4 February 2014 | KAS Media Program & Foundation Media Democracy

PR of parties enhancing its profile – profession still in development

A survey by the KAS Media Program shortly before had highlighted the progress made in political PR: today virtually all of the parties affiliated to the European People‘s Party (EPP) in South Eastern Europe have a designated communication division which is not confined only to issuing press releases.

Report | 7 November 2014 | KAS Media Program

Media law in South East Europe

Whether the media can exercise their control function on the political stage is not only dependent on the commitment of journalists or economic factors. Media law and self-regulation are vital for media freedom and pluralism.

Report | 24 October 2014 | KAS Media Program

Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections 2013

The media monitoring showed a significant change in the political reporting after the protests in February 2013. Politicians of the former government that used to be judged in a highly positive way, quickly lost media support after their resignation.

Report | 20 May 2013 | KAS Media Program & Foundation Media Democracy

How South East Europe’s media deal with the past

Coming to terms with a country’s political past is closely linked to the mass media, as they are the key to changing public opinion.

Report | 19 April 2013 | KAS Media Program

Balkan Media Barometer 2012

The Media Barometer is analytical tools designed to measure the state of media developments in a national context.

Analysis | 19 October 2012 | Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

The Internet – Freedom without boundaries

Analysis of comments on portals and recommendations on better communication.

Analysis | November 2010 | KAS Media Program & Media Plan Institute

Media freedom in Bulgaria | Report by ECPMF 2018


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