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"Тhree Decades Later - The Media in South East Europe after 1989"

An analysis of media change in the three decades following the collapse of socialism in South East Europe.

Media Situation in Bulgaria

More than 30 years after the end of the communist era, the media landscape in Bulgaria has a bad reputation again.
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“China’s Rising Media Presence in South East Europe”

In the past years, China has continuously expanded its presence in the region, including the media.
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Media Freedom in Albania

The recent Reporters Without Borders (RWB) report on freedom of the press reveals that media freedom in Albania has receded compared to the past.
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Media Freedom in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s score in the Reporters Without Borders Freedom of the Press Index has shown an improvement of the media freedom situation in recent years.
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A Pillar of Democracy on Shaky Ground – Public Service Media in South East Europe

A comprehensive overview on public service media in South East Europe
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Media News

Media and Politics

Five Months Later: Albanian Government Has “Indicated” They Won’t Pass Media Law in Current State

The passing of the anti-defamation law is still in question.

Media and Politics

Bulgarian TV Accused of Favouring GERB in Election Coverage

Bulgaria's national broadcaster didn't provide unbiased coverage in the July elections.

Media and Politics

Parliament Relieves Bačić of His Duties as HRT Director-General

Dismissal of Kazimir Bačić by parliament. Prior his dismissal Bačić was arrested on suspicion of graft.

Media and Politics

Kosovo Parliament Dismisses Board of Public Broadcaster

The majority in Kosovo’s parliament dismissed all members of the public broadcaster RTK.

Legislation and Regulations

EU criticises Albania’s new media authority chief

Concern was raised regarding the political impartiality of the new members and chief of Albania’s main media regulatory body.

Media and Politics

Reporters without Borders (RSF): Press Freedom Deteriorates in World While Croatia Sees Progress

According to the RSF Index for 2021 the media situation in Croatia has improved.

Media and Politics

Kosovo Falls Eight Places in the World Press Freedom Index

Significant downfall in the placing of Kosovo by 8 places in the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index for 2021

Media and Politics

Albania Fails with Media Literacy and Fake News Resilience

Albania has ranked as one of the worst-performing countries on the European continent in terms of media literacy.

Media and Politics

Bulgarian National Television Now Available in Northern Macedonia

The special representative of North Macedonia in the history dispute with Bulgaria Vlado Buchkovski was the first to announce the start of the Channel BNT4 broadcasting.

Journalism and Media business

Attack on Kosovo Investigative Journalist Condemned

The investigative journalist Visar Duriqi from the local Kosovo online news portal Insajderi was brutally beaten near his house at around midnight on Wednesday. Duriqi has authored several episodes on crime and corruption on Insajderi’s show, INDOKS. The case is investigated by the police. International and Kosovo media associations have condemned the attack.