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2019-2020 Activities Report of the Forum CB27

This report summarizes the journey of CB27 in the years 2019 and 2020, and places these achievements in an extended timeline, which allows seeing the resilience and development of the Forum since its creation.

In eight years of operation, the CB27 has consolidated itself as a network and space for promoting the exchange of experience between the municipal secretaries (officers) of environment in the 27 Brazilian capitals. The Forum works to promote the strengthening of local governments, promoting strategic actions in the main environmental agendas.

The covid-19 pandemic limited face-to-face interactions after the XVIII National Meeting, held in February 2020 in São Paulo. This situation demanded the search for solutions to keep the network connected and active. Thus emerged the Virtual Dialogues, which managed to engage the secretaries over the last year and provided a new format for exchanging experiences between local governments in Brazil and the world.

Download the report and check out these and other forum activities during the period 2019-2020!

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