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One Hundred Days of Lula III

Cadernos Adenauer 1/2023

The first issue of 2023 of the Cadernos Adenauer series is dedicated to the theme of the first 100 days of the third presidential term of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and features nine articles that investigate some of the main issues on the government's agenda.

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This publication contains chapters that cover the following topics: the priorities of the new government and the composition of the new ministry, the political economy of the challenges of environmental policy, the challenges of content moderation and regulation of social networks, the new government's foreign policy guidelines, the Lula government's priorities in the area of health, education and culture policies as tools for citizen formation and fighting polarization, the challenges of the new Lula government in the area of infrastructure, and government in the area of infrastructure, and last but not least, the relations between between civil power and the armed forces.

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