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Inside the Environmental Policy - Política por Inteiro

Tracking and Analysis of Brazilian environmental and climate policy

"Política por Inteiro" aims to provide a reliable, recurring and comparable data base on public policy signals and propositions in the environmental area in a "friendly" format and with credible data, and that creates a common "memory" about national decisions.

Through the monitoring of government actions and rhetoric, systematic analysis of the situation and associated risks and the production and dissemination of information, it is intended to provide a tool to identify signals, interpret trends and consolidate them in an aggregate manner, using data science to inform citizens, advocacy networks and decision makers themselves. Each month an outlook is produced with the signals detected in the monitoring and monthly online events are also carried out to analyze the situation.


The June 2021 outlook is available here.


For more information and full access to the monitoring platform, visit the project website:

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Ana Abreu


Projektkoordinatorin für Dezentralisierung und nachhaltige Entwicklung +55 21 2220-5441 +55 21 2220-5448