Shared Spaces Workshop
Kollek-Adenauer Partnership

Shared Spaces Workshop for Senior Administrative Managers in the Jerusalem Municipality

Together with participants from the municipal adminstration we discussed the challenges and potential of creating shared spaces for all the communities that share the city

"Die Sicherheitslage in Israel ist angespannt"

Interview mit Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy und Philipp Burkhardt von unserem Jerusalemer Büro über die aktuelle Anschlagsserie.
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Egypt and Israel: Renewable Energies for Peace

Cairo’s goal to serve as a regional hub for gas and renewable energies presents an opportunity for increased cooperation between Egypt and Israel .
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Education and democracy
The Israeli Case

Education for Democracy in a Divided Society

On December 6, together with our partners at the Israel Democracy Institute, KAS Israel was proud to host the Education for Democracy in a Divided Society conference


55 years ago, Konrad Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion laid the foundation for reconciliation between Germany and Israel and for the future in partnership of the two nations. Carrying on the legacy of the late chancellor, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) has been active in Israel for more than 25 years.

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The Eternal Conflict
In cooperation with the KAS-colleagues from the Saarland, Philipp Burkhardt gives an overview of the recent flare-up between Israel and the Hamas [German].
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Radio Interview
"No Restart of the Peace Process"
In an interview with the German SR2-Kulturradio, Dr. Alexander Brakel outlines the perspectives of a long-term settlement of the Israeli-Palestine conflict.
Konflikt zwischen Israel und der Hamas
Dr. Alexander Brakel im Interview mit Phoenix
Dr. Alexander Brakel, Büroleiter der KAS Israel, spricht im Interview mit Phoenix über die Hintergründe des Konflikts zwischen Israel und der Hamas.