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Democratic Development

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Since its foundation, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation has been committed to democracy and the rule of law - in Germany and worldwide. We are convinced that the participation of citizens in the political process of their country contributes to sustainable stability and creates the preconditions for development and prosperity. The Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation has therefore made representation and participation one of its core themes, which will guide the Foundation's work in the coming years.
As far as our work abroad is concerned, each country must of course find its own way. We do not promote ready-made concepts, but support our local partners in developing and implementing initiatives for political education and reforms on the basis of shared values

In Jordan, the Foundation works in three areas for this purpose:

1. Political Institutions and Parties

Together with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA), KAS conducts campaigns throughout Jordan to raise awareness and train young people in particular for political participation. Furthermore, dialogue between ministries, parliamentarians, political parties and civil society is promoted through various dialogue and training measures. 
Already since 2013, the Al-Quds Centre for Political Political Studies and the KAS, together with other partners, have been offering a programme to promote political parties. We organise events and trainings for members of political parties, which aim to improve programmatic skills and inner-party organisational structures of parties in Jordan. In doing so, KAS follows a multi-party approach in order to promote the emergence of a pluralistic party system.


2. Youth and Civil Society

The KAS supports the political education and civic engagement of Jordanian youth. In youth academies organised together with the Jordan Center for Civic Education (JCCE), young adults from all over the country are familiarised with the basics of political and social participation in a series of seminars and supported in developing their own projects. In 2021, another programme will start with "Women Voices", which will focus on young women from East Amman. From 2017-2020, over 100 social studies teachers were trained using a specially developed manual to integrate tolerance and civic awareness more strongly into their lessons.


3. Media and Policy Analysis

The development of an independent and pluralistic media landscape is a key element in Jordan's democratic development. In this context, KAS regularly conducts training measures for journalists and young journalists, either on its own or in cooperation with partners such as the Al-Rai Center for Strategic Studies. In addition, KAS promotes new media formats such as political satire. In cooperation with the Amman Comedy Club, interested young Jordanians are introduced to this genre and talented people are given the opportunity to develop their own formats. Together with Qalam Hurr and Wishbox Media, a group of young female cartoonists is also receiving further training as part of a mentoring programme.  

In addition, the KAS promotes the development of political science analysis in and on Jordan. With Jordanian and international experts, studies are published that analytically accompany Jordan's development process and its foreign policy positioning and formulate corresponding policy recommendations. From 2021 onwards, a scholarship programme will be set up to support outstanding students of international relations at the University of Jordan and thus contribute to the formation of a new generation of policy experts.

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Dr. Edmund Ratka


Director Foundation Office Jordan +962 6 5929777

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