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Foundational Structures of The GCA: Membership, Incentives, and Institutions

By Karin Jancykova, Ritika Jajoo, and Vedant Monger

The GCA Collaborative is an independent research effort to evaluate how Global South countries can best ally with Global North countries to accelerate climate action. Over the past two years, several academic institutions and think tanks have been collaborating on these issues and pooling their individual research efforts. The first version of this GCA handbook was launched at COP'27. With revisions and updates, the second version was released during the Think20 Inception Conference. The white paper series details the theoretical and empirical work behind the handbooks.

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Foundational Structures of the GCA - Membership, Incentives, and Institutions.png

The Global Climate Alliance is motivated by a common ambition of accelerated decarbonisation. To participate countries will commit to a set of actions, based on differentiated responsibilities. The Global North countries will commit to a guaranteed flow of climate finance, leveraging private capital while the Global South countries, in exchange, will commit to accelerated decarbonisation plans.


This paper outlines the proposed membership requirements for the Global Climate Alliance; the incentive structure of the Alliance; and finally an overview of the institutional architecture that must be in place to ensure compliance.



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