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Net Zero Pathways – India Case Study

By Deepthi Swamy, Ulka Kelkar, and Varun Agarwal

The GCA Collaborative is an independent research effort to evaluate how Global South countries can best ally with Global North countries to accelerate climate action. Over the past two years, several academic institutions and think tanks have been collaborating on these issues and pooling their individual research efforts. The first version of this GCA handbook was launched at COP'27. With revisions and updates, the second version was released during the Think20 Inception Conference. The white paper series details the theoretical and empirical work behind the handbooks.

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The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a systems dynamics model with an open-access web interface, which enables an integrated assessment of cross-sectoral climate policy packages for India through 2050, along with their macroeconomic implications.

Employing the EPS, this paper explores opportunities and challenges for India in the context of a net-zero 2070 pathway, and reports key implications for the macroeconomy. Results indicate that the Indian economy would create 9.2 million more jobs; have GDP levels 2.2% more than the Reference scenario; and draw in additional investments of about $250 billion as compared to the reference scenario by 2050.



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