Die Umsetzung internationaler Strafrechtsnormen im lusophonen Afrika

The event shall bring together relevant actors from Portuguese-Speaking African Ccuntries, Sub-Saharan Africa and the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the aim to inform about the ICC and discuss its future role in the aforementioned countries


The event will be organized in cooperation with the Institute of Penal Law and Criminal Sciences of the Faculty of Law (University of Lisbon) and with the Department for Foreign and International Criminal Law of the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

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  • Cuno Tarfusser (Vizepräsident des ICC)
    • Paula Teixeira da Cruz (Justizministerin von Portugal)
      • Kai Ambos (Director of the Department of Foreign and International Criminal Law
        • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

          Dr. Susanne Conrad

          Susanne Conrad (2021)

          Policy Advisor Rule of Law and Security in Subsaharan Africa

 +49 30 26996-3471