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"China’s and Russia’s Security Engagement in Central Asia - Suggestions for a European Response"

Event Report - Authors: Constantin Knuhr, Janne Leino (KAS MDPD Brussels)

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Background talk_China-Central Asia_June 2022 KAS MDPD
Background talk_China-Central Asia_June 2022

📌 In cooperation with the European Neighbourhood Council (ENC), KAS MDPD organized a closed-door, Chatham House rules background talk “China´s and Russia's Security Engagement in Central Asia – Suggestions for a European Response”. The event was hosted by the EPP Group Coordinator for Foreign Affairs MEP Michael Gahler (DE) and brought together around 35 experts from the institutions of the European Union, NATO, academia, and the think tank sector.


📌 Based on the findings of the recent KAS study titles “China's Security and Military Cooperation in Central Asia and its relevance to Europe” (download:, and in light of the current geopolitical crisis in Ukraine, the participants discussed Central Asia's rising relevance for Europe. 



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