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The Special Mekong Event Series

Photo Exhibition-Documentary-Forum: Can the Mekong and its Tributaries have “Legal Rights”?


The Smiling Dragon

Great Power Dynamics: China's Soft Power Projection in Southeast Asia and Europe – Lessons learned?

Expert conference

International Conference on “International Security and the Environment” (21st April)

The conference will be held in response to a growing engagement with the environment and related themes within the discipline of international relations (IR).

Expert conference

International Conference on “International Security and the Environment” (20th April)

The conference will be held in response to a growing engagement with the environment and related themes within the discipline of international relations.


Geopolitical Implications of the War in Ukraine

Europe in Review Seminar Series on Current Developments in the EU and for the Cooperation between Europe and Southeast Asia


The Special Forum - Mekong's Womb

A panel about the Mekong Tributaries


The Way Forward for the Thai-German Cooperation

Project Plans and Implementation According to the KAS Objectives 2022-2024: Workshop for Partners & Co-partners of the KAS Office in Thailand


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70 Years of Federal Constitutional Court in Germany

Exchange between judges and legal scholars from Germany and Thailand


Youth and MPs

Members of the Democratic Youth Program from the 4 Thai regions will discuss issues and challenges related to the SDGs with members of the House of Representatives.




Probleme und Herausforderungen bei Strafverfahren gegen Personen in politischen Ämtern

Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen Thailand und Deutschland

Bei der jährlichen Konferenz des Supreme Courts von Thailand - Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions und der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung wurden Probleme und Herausforderungen von Straverfahren gegen Politiker sowie das Spannungsfeld zwischen öffentlichem Interesse und den individuellen Rechten von Angeklagten diskutiert.

Summary of the KAS-ABAC Conference on Ecological, Social and Economic Sustainabiliy in Thailand and the ASEAN Region

Bildung kommt eine Schlüsselfunktion zu

This one-day conference on the topic of ecological, social and economic sustainability within Thailand and ASEAN’s economy took place on November 28, 2013 at Assumption University, Bangkok. The goal of this conference was to find a solution for the ecological, social and economic problems created by the integration process of the ASEAN community. This comprehensive theme was discussed from a total of six different perspectives.

Annual Meeting of “Project on Strengthening Community and Local Leaders” Together with the Secretariat of the Senates

Nationwide series of events to strengthen local political leaders successfully finished

In the past months KAS together with the Secretariat of the Senates (SOS) had organised the series of seminars and workshops to develop political education and participation throughout the country. Around 240 chosen participants had a chance to attend the final seminar in the annual meeting of the SOS on 23rd August 2013 in Bangkok.

Staffelübergabe in Thailand

Am vergangenen Freitag hat im Anschluss an das Seminar „The Rule of Law lays the Foundation of Democratisation“ im Rahmen eines kleinen Empfangs offiziell der AM-Wechsel im Auslandsbüro Thailand stattgefunden. Verschiedene Freunde und Partner der Stiftung bedankten sich bei Clauspeter Hill für die Arbeit der letzten Jahre und wünschten Michael Winzer alles Gute für die neue Aufgabe.

International Migration in Thailand and Southeast Asia: Policies and Practices

International Migration is an established social phenomenon in Southeast Asia. All countries in the region are influenced to some degree although the nature and level of that impact varies greatly. Therefore, KAS and ISIS organized a seminar aiming at encouraging a coherent migration policy.

Bringing the Best of the Private Sector to Development

KAS Thailand and the Federation of Thai Industries organized a Seminar on the role of private-sector engagement in development. Discussion was based on a presentation by Mr. Oliver Wieck, Managing Director of the International Trade and Development Department at the Federation of German Industries.

Security Laws: Opportunities and Challenges for Conflict Resolution

Five month after the violent crackdown of the protests in Bangkok's inner city, the emergency decree still holds in Bangkok, its neighboring provinces, and the deep south. Due to this fact KAS Thailand, the Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS), and the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) invited to a public forum. Keynote was addressed by Dr. Panitan Wattanyagorn, Acting government Spokesman and Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister.

Dialogue on "Reformation of the Political Party System"

In partnership with IDS, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung organized a high profile dialogue on September 16th at the Siam City Hotel Bangkok. Attended by more than 80 participants with broad media coverage, and moderated by former deputy Prime Minister Mr. Chaturon Chaisang (TRT), the Forum focused on recent party dissolutions, the future of the political party system, and the reformation of the constitution. The importance of political parties for Thailand and their policy agendas was debated.

NATO at 60: Transformation to a Global Security Provider?

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of NATO, Konrad Adenauer Foundation organized an international seminar on NATO. For the first time the role of NATO in the security order of the 21st century was analyzed together with relevant actors from Thailand. This event has broadened the understanding of NATO’s provision and role to Thai authorities. Moreover, one of the controversial issues is on terrorism that has become one of the most vital and challenging aspect to the future role of NATO.

New Security Trends in Southeast Asia and Europe

On April 9th, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Bangkok in cooperation with the KAS Regional Programme Political Dialogue Asia and ISIS held the international seminar “New Security Trends in Southeast Asia and Europe”. Leading experts in security politics from Germany, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam discussed current and future challenges in security politics.