News Magazines


Established in 1992. The owner is Mujo Selimovic, same as of the daily "Oslobodjenje" with headquarter in Sarajevo.The magazine "Dani" is a classic news magazine, published once a week. "Dani" contains analytical and investigative articles on current political, social and economic topics. During 2013, it was recognised for its socially engaged reporting on the rights of marginalized LGBT persons.

Editor in chief: Sasa Rukavina


Tel: +387 33 276 900

Novo Vrijeme

Established in 2012, by Epoha Press, in Sarajevo. The magazine "Novo Vrijeme" is an informative weekly review, which brings news and articles from social life in B&H. Along with the regular sections on politics, the economy, society, culture and sport, "Novo Vrijeme" contains a section dedicated to the Islamic religious upbringing and it is printed in both Bosnian and English language.

Editor in chief: Orhan Hadzagic


Tel: +387 33 580 340

Slobodna Bosna

Established in 2002, in Sarajevo, owned by Press Sing company, group of founders. The magazine "Slobodna Bosna" is an informative magazine, which is published once a week. "Slobodna Bosna" brings analytical and investigative news articles, editorial comments and columns, deep analysis of current socio-political problems in the entire country, as well as current topics in culture and sport.

Editor in chief: Senad Avdic


Tel: +387 33 444 041

Start BiH

Established in 1997, by the journalist Dario Novalic, in Sarajevo. The magazine "Start BiH" is an independent informative review, which is published once a week. "Start BiH” brings analytical and investigative articles on current topics from social, political, economic and cultural life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also recognised for its thematic series of articles about civil rights in B&H.

Editor in chief:Dario Novalic


Tel: +387 33 260 210, +387 33 260 210, - 211, - 212