News Portals

Albanian Telegraphic Agency

ATA is the Albanian public news agency, founded in 1944.

Editor in chief: Ylli Pata


Tel: +355 67 60 84 949


Albeu is a news portal of general character, founded in 2003 by Idaver Sherifi.

Editor in chief: Idaver Sherifi


Tel: + 067 20 87 028


Balkanweb was established in 2000 as an online news agency, founded by the Italian company Edisud and then sold to Focus Group in 2011.

Editor in chief: Daniela Bonollari


Tel: +355 67 20 25 335

Gazeta Tema

Gazeta Tema is the website of the daily newspaper Tema, established in 2006. It grew stronger as a media outlet in its own right when its publisher Mero Baze temporarily cancelled the print edition and focused entirely on the web version.

Editor in chief: Mero Baze


Tel: + 355 69 60 60 414


The online news agency NOA (News of Albania) was established in 2006 as a general interest media outlet that gives priority to the latest news from Albania, but also Kosovo and Macedonia.

Editor in chief: Edison Kurani


Tel: +068 20 54 752


Panorama is the website of the daily newspaper with the same name. The website was founded in 2003 by Panorama Group.

Editor in chief: Robert Rakipllari


Tel: +355 69 20 27 243


Shekulli is the website of Shekulli newspaper, established in 1999 by the same company that publishes the newspaper, owned by Koco Kokedhima.

Editor in chief: Arben Rrozhani


Tel: +355 69 60 65 322 is the website of a daily newspaper founded in 2011 by Free and Fair Media Group.

Editor in chief: Genc Kondi


Tel: + 355 69 60 60 414

Top Channel TV Website

Top Channel TV is the website of the television that was founded in 2001 by Top Channel company, founded by Dritan Hoxha. Since his death in 2008 the company is owned by his family and TV managers.

News director: Bledar Zaganjori


Tel: +355 69 20 90 491