Daily Newspapers

Glas Srpske

One of two oldest dailies in B&H, established in 1943 after a process of privatization. It is owned by Zeljko Kopanja. "Glas Srpske" is a daily newspaper that brings current events from socio-political, economic, cultural and sport life, predominantly in the Republic of Srpska, and the neighboring Republic of Serbia. News from the other B&H entity, the Federation of B&H, are represented by a small percentage. The content and editorial policy of the daily suggests that it is under the influence of the ruling structures in the Republic of Srpska.

Editor in chief: Borjana Radmanovic Petrovic

E-mail: dopisnik@glassrpske.com

Tel: + 387 51 342 900

Dnevni Avaz

Founded in 1993, by Mr. Fahrudin Radoncic, in Sarajevo. "Dnevni Avaz" is a daily informative-political newspaper. Its editorial policy is clearly politically and ideologically profiled and undoubtedly reflects the political and party interests of the newspaper’s founder, Fahrudin Radoncic, former Minister of Security and current chair of the political party Stranka za bolju buducnost – SBB (Party for Better Future).

Editor in chief: Faruk Vele

E-mail: redakcija@avaz.ba

Tel: +387 33 281 366

Dnevni list

Established in 2002, in Mostar, owned by Miro Rasc, a local businessman. "Dnevni List" mainly publishes current events from the West-Herzegovina and Herzegovina-Neretva Cantons of the Federation of B&H, where the population is predominantly Croatian. A significant percentage of the content regards current events in neighboring Croatia.

Editor in chief: Dario Lukic

E-mail: dnevni.ba@bih.net.ba

Tel: +387 36 313 370

Euro Blic

This is edition of the Serbian daily "Blic" for B&H, established in 1996, belonging to "Ringier Axel Springer". Head office is located in Banja Luka. Being that "Euro Blic" is the edition of the daily newspaper from neighboring Serbia, intended for B&H’ entity - the Republic of Srpska, this daily newspaper is dominated by contents from the Republic of Srpska and socio-political life from Serbia. The majority of the content of "Euro Blic" is identical to the content of the parent newspaper "Blic", which is published in the Republic of Serbia.

Editor in chief: Siniša Trkulja

E-mail: redakcija@euroblic.com

Tel: +387 51 257 076

Nezavisne novine

Founded in 1995, by the journalist Zeljko Kopanja, now owner and director, in Banja Luka. "Nezavisne Novine" is a news portal about the most important current events in the country and the world. Thematically,"Nezavisne Novine" provides balanced coverage about current events from both entities in B&H, as well as about the most significant political events on the state level of B&H.

Editor in chief: Sandra Gojković-Arbutina

E-mail: nnovine@teleklik.net

Tel: + 387 51 331 800


It is one of two oldest daily newspapers in B&H, established in 1943, in Sarajevo. After a process of privatization it is owned by Mujo Selimovic, a local businessman.

"Oslobodjenje" is a classic daily-informative newspaper, which brings news from current political, social, cultural and sports events, editor comments and columns of famous authors, as well as listings and advertisements.

Editor in chief: Vildana Selimbegovic

E-mail: redaction@oslobodjenje.ba

Tel: +387 33 276 900

Vecernji List (Edition for B&H)

It is one of the oldest dailies from Croatia, but it has its edition for B&H, in Mostar. It is a part of Styria Media Group AG. "Vecernji List" brings current events from political, social, economic, sports and cultural life in B&H ; predominantly news from the West-Herzegovina and Herzegovina-Neretva Cantons, the part of the Federation of B&H with a dominantly Croatian population. Being that it is a Bosnian and Herzegovinian version of the daily from neighboring Croatia, most of the content relates to topics from socio-political life in Croatia. Thematically, "Vecernji List" primarily focus on events within the Croatian party and political corpus.

Editor in chief: Mr. Jozo Pavkovic

E-mail: bih@vecernji.net

Tel: +387 36 355 670

Vecernje novosti

It is edition of Serbian daily "Vecernje novosti", in Banja Luka. The daily newspaper "Vecernji List" is a classic daily-informative newspaper, with current news from all spheres of life. "Vecernje novosti" – edition for the B&H entity - the Republic of Srpska, contains six to eight pages that exclusively treat current events in RS and B&H, while the content of the rest of the newspaper is identical to that published in the parent edition in the Republic of Serbia.

Editor in chief (Office in Banja Luka): Aleksandar Macanovic

E-mail: redakcija@novosti.rs

Tel: +387 51 302 800