Press Conference, Media Relations and Strategy Seminar

Public Relations Training
A “Public Relations Training: Press Conference, Media Relations and Strategy Seminar” will be held on 22nd and 23rd July 2015 with selected members of MOEYS.

Study and Information Program

New Media Training for the CPP

Improving the Use of Social Media and Raising Awareness for the Necessity of Continuous Public Communication
On 20th-21st July 2015, a New Media Training on “Improving the Use of Social Media and Raising Awareness for the Necessity of Continuous Public Communication” will be held by KAS for selected members of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).



Towards a better regulation in Cambodia
On June 22nd KAS Cambodia organizes a consultative workshop on Law Review and Law initiative by the Cambodian Parliament


Consultative Dialogue

preliminary findings from the survey on waste management practices at municipality and district level
On 29th May 2015, KAS organizes a consultative dialogue at the National League of Councils to discuss the preliminary findings on waste management practices at municipal and district level.


Consultative Meeting

In-House Regulations for State/Private TV/Radio Stations
On 7th May 2015 KAS Cambodia will meet with TV and radio stakeholders to informally discuss options to assure media pluralism and diversity through internal regulations.

Book presentation

Launch of KAS’ “Media Study”

KAS Cambodia will launch its Media Study on “Freedom of the Press and Media Regulation in Cambodia: Approaches and Options for Democratic Diversity” during a half-day event on 5th May 2015.


German MPs to share experiences with the CPP and CNRP

KAS Cambodia organizes two discussions between visiting German Members of Parliament (MP) and representatives of the CPP and CNRP on 29th and 31st March 2015 respectively.


XIII. LAW TALK on Cambodian Constitutional Law

Implications for State Organisation and Basic Rights
13. Law Talk in Sihanoukville, 20th until 22nd March 2015

Event Reports

German-Cambodian Journalism Training

Mobile Journalism Masterclass in Phnom Penh
KAS Cambodia organized a ten day training program on mobile journalism with eight German and eight Cambodian participants in Phnom Penh.

Event Reports

Die Zukunft der Abfallwirtschaft

Potentiale der Digitalisierung
Der Veranstaltungsbericht bietet einen Überblick über die Veranstaltung The Future of Waste Management - Seizing the Potential of Digitalization.

Event Reports

Youth and Peacebuilding Workshop

In the week from 27 August to 2 September, 40 young Cambodians took part in the workshop „Youth and Peacebuilding“. They learned about the cruel history of the Khmer Rouge and peacebuilding.

Event Reports

Digital Future Talk with Prof. Dr. Mario Voigt

by Robert Hör

Digital Masters – Germany's Lessons Learnt and Cambodia’s Way Forward
On April 19, 2018, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia organized the first Digital Future Talk in Phnom Penh. The half-day event made current digital trends, related policies and innovative digital ideas in Cambodia and Germany a subject of discussion and exchange and brought together experts from private sector, government and academia.

Event Reports

Media Programme publishes Mobile Journalism Manual

Multimedia journalists from all over Asia have produced a manual about mobile journalism. The online publication offers insights into this new storytelling method, explaining how reporters and newsrooms can produce good video reports by just using their phone.

Event Reports

Cambodia’s Energy Transition

by Peter Hefele

Presentation of a Research Study
Rapid economic development, a young and fast-growing population, severe impacts of climate change and the aim of providing stable and affordable energy and consumption in a sustainable way: These challenges lay at the heart of any discussions on sustainable development in South East Asia. Cambodia, still one of the poorest countries in ASEAN, is a good example in this respect.

Event Reports

Pressesprecher und Journalisten aus Kambodscha in Berlin

Kambodschanische Delegation aus Pressesprechern ausgewählter Ministerien, Journalisten und der Stellvertretenden Vorsitzenden der größten Oppositionspartei zu Besuch in Berlin.

Event Reports

Auszeichnung vom Königreich Kambodscha für Denis Schrey

Am 10. Februar 2016 wurde der ehemalige Leiter des Auslandbüros Kambodscha, Herr Denis Schrey, mit dem königlichen Orden „Sahametrei“ auf dem Level „Mohasena“ (übersetzt „Großer Offizier“) ausgezeichnet. Der Orden wurde Herr Schrey von Samdech Heng Samrin, Präsident der Nationalversammlung des Königreichs Kambodscha in einer feierlichen Zeremonie überreicht.

Event Reports

KAS Media Study launched

In the past months Andreas Oldag, senior German journalist and the lecturer at the Department of Media and Communication (DMC), prepared together with the office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Phnom Penh a study on the current legal and political framework of the media in Cambodia with a closer look on the freedom of press and possible advantageous options through the installation of a carefully constructed regulation.

Event Reports

Politiker aus Kambodscha zu Besuch in Berlin

Inlandsprogramme der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
In dieser Woche ist eine Delegation von zwölf Politikern aus Kambodscha zu Besuch in Berlin. Im Mittelpunkt des Besucherprogramms steht der Informationsaustausch zu Fragen der Organisation von Fraktions- und Ausschussarbeit sowie die Koordinierung zwischen der Partei und den Fraktionen auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen.
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