On the Situation of Media in Bulgaria

With a View on Their Civil Contribution

Somewhat less than two decades after the downfall of communism, things are not looking well for Bulgaria’s media landscape. In the Worldwide Press Freedom Index, the country was relegated from rank 35 to rank 51 between 2006 and 2007. This is a compelling reason for alarm, as the freedom of the press always reflects the quality of democracy, and as the media especially should act as a corrective to the authority of the state, uncovering irregularities and pillorying abuses of power

Zur Situation der Medien in Bulgarien

Mit Blick auf deren zivilgesellschaftlichen Beitrag

Auch zwei Jahrzehnte nach dem Fall des Kommunismus sind freie Medien und ein selbstbewusster Journalismus in Bulgarien die Ausnahme. Trotz eines Rechtsrahmens, einer Ethik-Kommission und eines Rats für elektronische Medien beeinträchtigen unklare Besitzverhältnisse, Monopolstrukturen und die Preisgestaltung selbst die Qualität und das Programm vieler Printprodukte, Fernsehsender und Rundfunkprogramme.

Lustration: Dealing with the Aftermath of Communism in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is not doing well in overcoming its communist past. It was only one year ago that the most comprehensive law so far was launched to open the records, and none of the leading politicians of the communist era has yet been brought to court. There is hardly any coming to terms with the past, called "lustration".