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Facts and Findings

A New Cross-Front of Left-Wing Extremism and Islamism?

by Hendrik Hansen

Anti-Imperialism and Postcolonialism as the Basis for Antisemitism

In an era where political boundaries are increasingly blurred, this article examines the surprising alliances between left-wing extremism and Islamism. Focusing on anti-imperialism and postcolonialism as ideological foundations, the text sheds light on how this connection fosters antisemitism and the dangers that arise from it.

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Since the attack by Hamas on Israel in October 2023, there has been a growing ideological convergence between representatives of left-wing extremism and Islamism. This trend signals the emergence of a worrying cross-front.

Central ideological pillars such as anti-imperialism, influenced by classic communist theories, and postcolonialism, shaped by poststructuralist approaches, promote a united front against supposed imperialistic and colonial powers, with Israel and the USA as the main enemies.

This convergence of ideologies leads to increased hostility towards Israel and antisemitism under the guise of fighting oppression. The connection of left-wing identity politics and postcolonial interpretative patterns with Islamist rhetoric creates a dangerous alliance that not only poses a threat to the Jewish community but also highlights the need for critical engagement with these ideologies in academia, political education, and civil society.

The text advocates for comprehensive observation and analysis of these phenomena and the promotion of research projects that investigate the link between poststructuralist/postcolonial theories and antisemitism.


Please note, to date the paper is only available in german. 

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