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The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The TTIP negotiations are strongly criticized by many consumers in Germany, especially with regard to their (alleged) opaque nature, the creation of an International Investment Court and the supposedly lower level of consumer protection in the US. In view of Europe’s waning economic influence, it is imperative to seize the opportunity of a meaningful transatlantic economic area and to exert more influence on the new international economic order.
International Reports
October 1, 2014
Auslandsinformationen 9/2014 - Politische Faktoren der Verhandlungen über deine Transatlantische Handels- und Investitionspartnerschaft in den USA
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September 29, 2014
Die Auswirkungen von TTIP
The Political Opinion
December 13, 2013
Die Politische Meinung 523/2013 - Neue transatlanische Verheißungen. Die Handels- und Investitionspartnerschaft