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Czechia: Political and Social Impact One Year After the Start of Russia's War of Aggression against Ukraine

by Pavel Havlíček

Czech Republic's clear course in support of Ukraine

Since 24 February, Czechia has taken a highly ambitious course in support of Ukraine and punishing Russia for its new wave of aggression against its neighbour.

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In many respects, the country outperformed much bigger and (geo-)politically more significant countries in its resolute stance and efficient support in the high peak of the war. This was caused by its mental shift from a more ambivalent position into a fully-fledged eastern flank nation, which has been a typical feature since the beginning of the Petr Fiala cabinet at the end of 2021. Czechia played a key role during its EU Presidency in the second half of 2022 when it coordinated the European support to Ukraine as well as punitive measures against the Putin’s regime, while maintaining unity among the EU-27. 


The full-length publication is only available in German.

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Tomislav Delinić

Tomislav Delinic

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February 27, 2023
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