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Elections in Bulgaria

by Norbert Beckmann-Dierkes, Borislaw Wankow

GERB wins in fifth parliamentary election in two years

On April 2nd, parliamentary elections were held in Bulgaria for the fifth time in two years. A total of 21 formations - 14 parties and 7 coalitions - fought for the 240 seats in the National Assembly, the Bulgarian parliament, which are allocated on the basis of pure proportional representation.

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With 99.6% of the votes counted, the EPP party Citizens for a European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) wins 26.5% of the votes, but with 69 seats it needs other partners to achieve a majority of at least 121 seats. In second place is the new coalition of the We are continuing the change party (PP) and the coalition Democratic Bulgaria (DB) with 24.6% and 64 seats. In view of the majority situation, forming a government is likely to be difficult after these elections. There are various speculations about a broad coalition of GERB and PP-DB, an expert government, a minority cabinet or a coalition of several parties but according to observers these variants would require numerous compromises and the possible governments would probably be unstable.

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