Media Outlets in Montenegro

According to the Agency for Electronic Media in 2013, there are 16 commercial television stations and 38 commercial radio stations, along with the national public service broadcaster and 17 local public services (3 television and 14 radio stations). Also, there are 7 daily newspapers on national level. The online media market is still in a progress.

Print media

The first print media outlet which still exists, in addition to the daily Crnogorac, is Pobjeda. It was first published in 1944. Till the end of the nineties it was the biggest national newspaper in Montenegro. For the first time in 1997 the daily Vijesti was published and then in 1998 the daily Dan. The youngest newspaper in Montenegro is Informer, which was emerged in March 2014.

Radio and television

Although the first television signal was broadcasted in 1956, the first TV station, called Titograd (today TV Crna Gora), appeared in 1964. TV Crna Gora which is owned by the state was the only TV station until the nineties. In 1994, TV Blue Moon was founded, with an initial focus on entertainment. A stronger development of the TV landscape, including news programs, began only in the late 1990s and the early 21st century.


Until 2009, the only major news portal was Café del Montenegro, and the website of the daily Vijesti. The news portal Analitika appeared in 2009, and expanded its audience rapidly attracting over a million visits during its first year of existence. A redesigned layout of the portal Vijesti was published in January 2011 and it rapidly increased the margin of visits making this portal a leader in online news. Other daily newspapers have launched and regularly updated web sites, too, but they have less significant reach to audience. The newest successful online portal is the one of Public Service Radio-Television of Montenegro which was launched in January 2013. There is also a significant number of portals that deal with individual specific topics ( ,

Jelena Jovanovic