TV Stations (Commercial)

AlJazeera Balkans

Opened in Sarajevo, in 2011. AlJazeera Balkans started broadcasting in November 2011. It is part of the large world TV network - the AlJazeera Media Network, the headquarter of which is in Qatar. A large part of its programming is broadcast in English, but a few hours a day the program is emitted in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian. AlJazeera Balkans’s program is dominated by informative programming with news from B&H, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia as well as by documentaries.

General Director: Tarik Djozic

Program Director: Goran Milic


Tel: +387 33 897 200

Alternative television – ATV

Founded in 1997,in Banja Luka. ATV is an independent television station, under private ownership. Along with BN TV it is one of the most watched TV stations in the Republic of Srpska and in B&H. Along with series and entertainment, a significant part of its content is comprised of informative shows and political magazines.

Director: Natasa Tesanovic

Program Director: Dragana Banjac


Tel: +387 51 348 248


BN TV was founded in 1998, by Vlado Trisic, in Bijeljina, RS. BN TV is a privately owned television station. Its editorial policy is very critical of the ruling party, but it cannot be said that it is a truly independent media, being inclined towards the current opposition, the second largest party in the Republic of Srpska. Besides informative programing, most of its content consists of entertainment and series.

Director: Vlado Trisic


Tel: + 387 55 228 475

Face TV

Established in 2012, by the journalist Senad Hadzifejzovic, in Sarajevo. Face TV is a commercial TV station, under private ownership of Senad Hadzifejzovic, a famous Bosnian and Herzegovinian TV personality, journalist and editor. Face TV’s program is dominated by informative programming, followed by entertainment, music and sports. This television is known for its central informative show "Centralni Dnevnik" (Central News), hosted and edited by Senad Hadzifejzovic, with his coworkers.

Director: Fedja Hadzifejzovic

Main Producers: Nevzeta Škrijelj Koljenović, Meliha Medić


Tel: +387 33 730 300, +387 33 922 197


Established in 1991, in Sarajevo. Hayat Television is a commercial TV station, under private ownership, which produces and broadcasts programing for the broadest audiences - informative, documentary, children’s and sports’, and a significant part of Hayat Television’s content consists of music, entertainment and series.

General Director: Elvir Svrakic

Program Director: Alma Svrakic


Tel: +387 33 492 900


TV1 is a commercial TV, which started broadcasting in 2010. TV1 broadcasts informative, dialogue, series and documentary programing. It is recognized in the public due to a few shows it produces and famous TV personalities.

Director: Irfan Orucevic

Program Director: Sanjin Beciragic


Tel: + 387 33 724 570