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The Changing Global Order: facing the Perfect Storm

Policy Papers

The Policy Papers 2023 publication accompanies the themes of the Forte International Security Conference.

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The publication Policy Papers 2023 follows the themes of the Forte International Security Conference. This work is composed of eight chapters, dedicated to the following topics: the twenty years of the "Forte de Copacabana" Conference, the role of Latin America and Europe in the changing global order, security cooperation in South America, global economy in times of growing geopolitical rivalries, the role of international organizations facing the current scenario in the peacebuilding task, artificial intelligence in the context of global order, and autocracies and democracies in the context of international security. This publication targets traditional decision-makers, members of the armed forces, parliamentarians, the diplomatic corps, researchers, international security entrepreneurs, academics in numerous fields of research, and students of international relations and related fields.

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