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Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Open Day 2021

„Politics and trust“

The work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation: focusing on participation, representation, security, and innovation.


fully booked

Arab Leadership Program with Shaharit

Opening Ceremony

Study and Information Program

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Tech2Peace and KAS Alumni Dialogue Seminar

Dialogue Seminar with Google4Startups


Fighting Hate from Home

The Day after COVID 19 Pandemic

Together with the Anti-Defamation League, KAS Israel is hosting a series of discusions on how the ADL is standing up to antisemitism and extremism by sharing facts and showing strength


International Cyber Cooperation & Competition in the COVID-19 Era

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel cordially invites you to attend our virtual dialogue meeting


On the Eve of 2021: Iran Prepares for New Administrations in Washington and Tehran

The INSS Iran Program, in cooperation with Konard Adenauer Stiftung Israel, invites you to its Annual Conference.

Expert conference

Populism & Governmental Corruption Conference

in partnership with the Israel Democracy Insitute

Study and Information Program

fully booked

Tech2Peace and KAS Alumni Dialogue Seminar

Dialogue Seminar with Google4Startups

Expert conference

Rising Temperatures, Rising Tension: Climate Change and the Future of the Middle East

The Institute for National security Studies (INSS) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Israel (KAS Israel) invite the public to an online conference


Climate Change & Environmental Security in the Mediterranean Sea

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel and the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center, University of Haifa cordially invite you to attend a Zoom panel

The Role of Rwanda’s Media in inciting Genocide and contemporary local Responses

Guest lecture on the topic of the Rwandan media before and during the 1994 genocide

On 20 January 2013, the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University Jerusalem together with KAS Israel organised a guest lecture on the topic of the Rwandan media before and during the 1994 genocide. Dr. Zachary D. Kaufman (George Washington University) spoke about the topic and the concept of “Social entrepreneurship” as a contemporary response. The lecture offered an example of this concept in the newly inaugurated Kigali Public Library. Dr. Kaufman – himself a social entrepreneur – serves on its Board of Trustees.

The Legalisation of male circumcision in Germany: Dilemmas and alternatives

Guest lecture by Dr. Ayelet Banai

On 7 January 2013 the KAS office Israel and the Helmut Kohl Institute in the European Forum of the Hebrew University Jerusalem organised a guest lecture by Dr. Ayelet Banai (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University) on the legalisation of male circumcision in Germany. Dr. Banai spoke in her lecture about the complications that explicit legalisation would bring, and explored possible alternatives including unresolved issues.

Israeli Views on the Middle East Conflict

Results of a Dahaf Institute Survey

During a conference co-organised by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and KAS Israel on December 20, 2012, Dr. Mina Tzemach (Director, Dahaf Public Opinion Research Institute) presented the results of a recent Dahaf poll on latest trends in Israeli public opinion with regard to the Middle East conflict.

Wege aus der Resignation

Dennis Ross über Obamas Nahost-Agenda 2013

Am 20. Dezember 2012 veranstaltete die KAS Israel zusammen mit dem Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in Jerusalem eine viel beachtete Konferenz zum Thema „Zwischen den Wahlen in den USA und in Israel: Veränderungen im israelischen Meinungsklima zu regionalen Kernthemen“. Höhepunkt war die Rede von Botschafter Dennis Ross, der als langjähriger amerikanischer Unterhändler im Nahost-Friedensprozess sowohl bei Republikanern und Demokraten in den USA als auch bei Israelis und Palästinensern in herausragendem Ansehen steht.

Religion zwischen Anpassung und Abgrenzung

Die Botschaft des Chanukkah-Festes für den Glauben in der Moderne

Alle monotheistischen Religionen stehen von der Herausforderung, die Balance zwischen Herkunft und Zukunft, zwischen Glauben und Vernunft immer wieder neu zu finden. Das schwächt nicht ihre Identität, sondern stärkt sie. Zu diesem Ergebnis kam ein Seminar, das die KAS Israel gemeinsam mit dem Interreligiösen Koordinierungsrat in Israel (ICCI) am 10. Dezember 2012, am dritten Abend des Chanukkah-Festes, veranstaltete.

Conduct of Hostilities and Law Enforcement: A Contradiction in Terms?

The 7th Annual Minerva / ICRC / KAS Conference on International Humanitarian Law

The Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the International Committee of the Red Cross, in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, gathered in Jerusalem 24 scholars and practitioners on 4-5 December 2012 to address the complex and increasingly significant topic of the interplay between two distinct legal regimes: the conduct of hostilities regime, derived from International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the law enforcement regime, derived mainly from human rights law.

Wirtschaft im Schatten der Politik

Am 29. November 2012, dem Tag, der durch die Aufwertung der Palästinenser zum Beobachterstaat bei den Vereinten Nationen (VN) zu einem historischen Datum in den israelisch-palästinensischen Beziehungen werden sollte, veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) ein Treffen zwischen israelischen und palästinensischen Wirtschaftsexperten sowie Vertretern der internationalen Gemeinschaft in Israel und den Palästinensischen Gebieten.

Arab Politics in Israel and the 19th Knesset Elections

A Conference on November 27, 2012 at Tel Aviv University

On January 22, 2013, Israel will hold elections for the 19th session of the Knesset, the legislative branch of the Israeli government. The elections follow a period of upheaval in the Arab world beginning with the “Arab Spring” of 2011, which witnessed the rise to power of Islamic groups in Egypt and Tunisia, and a period of socio-economic protest in Israel in the summer of 2011.

„Wieder gut machen“

Kulturelle Ansätze zur Aufarbeitung vergangener Menschenrechtsverletzungen

In Kooperation mit dem Minerva-Institut für Menschenrechte der Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem veranstaltete die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung am 18. und 19. November eine Konferenz zum Thema „Wieder gut machen“: Kulturelle Ansätze zur Aufarbeitung vergangener Menschenrechtsverletzungen.

Green Cities - Where is the incentive?

Civil society commitment in the field of environmental protection

“Green Cities - Where is the incentive?” was the topic for a roundtable discussion jointly organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Israel and the Union for Local Authorities in Israel (ULAI) on November 12, 2012. The event was part of this year’s Israeli-German Sisters Cities Conference “Partner Cities Embraced in Friendship”. Focusing on sustainable urban development, the discussants particularly turned to the meaning of the civil society at the local level.