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Konrad Adenauer School for Young Politicians (KASYP) - Batch 15

by Rey Padit

Module 01: Political Parties’ Functions and Organizations in Democratic Societies

This year, another cohort of KASYP will be launched this coming 13 – 19 February 2024 in the Philippines. The cohort will undergo with their first module on “political parties’ functions and organizations in democratic societies”, which aims to provide participants with background knowledge on diverse political environments and party systems in Asia as well as communication skills and leadership training.

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The success of every endeavour lies on how you prepare. To ensure the success of the inaugural module for KASYP batch 15, the KASYP team introduced an online pre-event, getting-to-know exercise. Apart from the regular self-introductions, the new cohort of KASYP fellows were introduced to an online political values test and guided them through their pre-event preparations.


On the 13th of February 2024, the KASYP fellows were treated to an enriching appreciation of Cebu’s political, cultural and economic history, the training’s first venue, by visiting some iconic places such as the Magellan’s Cross Shrine, National Museum, Fort San Pedro and Casa Gorordo. It was the best way of introducing the country to the participants as Cebu is rich in its history and traditions.  


The formal training started with the core topic on political ideologies, values, parties and party systems in Asia. The cohort was lucky to have the founding director of KASYP, no other than, Dr. Wilhelm Hofmeister deliver this input. Dr. Hofmeister discussed the various political ideologies around the world, especially the one practiced in Asia, and how these ideologies shape political values, parties and party systems. Participants learned from these sessions how political ideologies and values vary across political parties and why strengthening parties depend on clear party programmes, values and principles.


An interesting topic tackled during the first day was political dynasties and its possible effects on democracy, particularly intra-party democracy, and development. As some participants are from political families, the first-hand insights shared during the discussions were enlightening, as they gave us a peek on the dilemmas these young leaders face, and how they try to solve it while staying true to democratic values and principles. Prof. Julio Teehankee, Professor of Political Science and International Studies of De La Salle Manila University, Philippines facilitated the world café workshop on political dynasties.


After the core and elective topics input, the fellows had a chance to interact with the KASYP alumni from the Philippines. Former Mayor Karen Villanueva, Former Bangsamoro Member of Parliament Mussolini Lidasan, Former Councilor Arvin Cabio, Former Asst. Secretary of Social Welfare Ms. Rhea Penaflor, Asst. Professor Rejene Lakibul and Civil Servant Ms. Lorelyn Dumaug were some of the Filipino KASYP alumni who shared their experiences and gave some advice to the current cohort on how to maximize value that KASYP, as a training programme, provides.  


A crucial aspect of the KASYP programme design is the appreciation of the local political contexts. Thus, the cohort had the opportunity to dialogue with local leaders from the City Government of Mandaue and the Provincial Government of Bohol where they had an engaging discussion on the role of local governance in nation building. In addition to this, the KASYP team partnered with the University of San Carlos to organize a panel discussion on “Youth and Politics: Young Asians Leading Change” where some fellows shared their political journey as agents of change.


The second leg of the training programme was conducted in Panglao, Province of Bohol. As young political leaders, developing and delivering messages are major part of their lives thus, it is crucial for them to learn content and skills that will help them become effective communicators. Ms. Maidy Lynn Lim, Expert in Multi-stakeholder engagement in Project Development facilitated this particular training. Meanwhile, Dr. Ryan Guinaran facilitated the ownership session of the Bridging Democratic Leadership training where KASYP participants undergo introspection on their leadership journey, examining their leadership capital development plans, giving voice to their values and strengthening their public narratives.


The first training module of KASYP batch 15 ended on high note as participants were eager to complete the modular assignments and meet again for their second module.

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Rey Padit

Rey Padit

Programme Manager, Political Cooperation +65 6603 6161


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