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The Department for Political Communication

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Communication Politsnack

The Department for Political Communication is part of the Political Education Department and is therefore a mixture of "do tank" and "think tank". We see ourselves as translators of international campaign trends and scientific findings from communication research into German politics.

Political communication

Communication and the organization of politics are becoming increasingly intertwined. At the same time, political processes are becoming more complex and more difficult to understand despite the wealth of information available. The problem is therefore not too little information, but too few filters. In other words: too little comprehensible communication. That is why our main task is to promote dialogical and accessible communication. We focus on communication skills among citizens and politicians.

For us as a "do tank" , one question is central: How can we communicate analysis, ideas and expertise in a practical, understandable and sustainable way? In terms of output, this is primarily the 60 or so training courses, workshops and seminars we offer each year. In addition to the classics, such as rhetoric, press and public relations work, media training and speechwriting, we offer a range of seminars that deal with the digitalization and organization of politics in varying degrees of depth. We are increasingly focusing on blended learning (online-based preparation and follow-up of seminars) and online seminars.

As a "think tank", we want to absorb and analyze the latest developments and, above all, make them usable. We know that political communication is not a national business. Rather, we do our bit to dovetail national and international expertise: from Politsnack - our campaign blog - to election campaign monitoring at home and abroad and our annual "International Conference for Political Communication". We translate the findings into action-oriented highlights and, of course, into our events. In line with our "do-tank" approach, we ask, for example, what a volunteer city council in Germany can learn from the presidential elections in the USA.

We offer interested citizens, volunteer and full-time politicians, young political talent and active members of associations and community foundations a wide range of tailored formats to expand their communication skills. All in all, our events activate numerous people who want to find out more or make a difference. We would be delighted if you are one of them!

With our network of top-class speakers and cooperation partners, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for your initiative or campaign, your association or local club. Take advantage of our wide range of offers to prepare yourself and your organization for the current debates and challenges. Our offerings include the International Conference for Political Communication (IKPK) and the Politsnack campaign blog. We also organize seminars and workshops in many different areas:

  • Campaign management: campaign leadership; financial planning & fundraising; team leadership and motivation; working with agencies; digital strategy and current trends
  • Press and public relations: writing with the help of AI; speechwriting; press relations; newsletter design; strategic crisis communication and prevention in political press relations; rhetoric; speechwriting;
  • Communication in social networks: Instagram basics & Instagram advanced; TikTok & politics; ChatGPT in political communication; video production with the smartphone; podcast & audio productions
  • Mobilization: working with volunteers, planning door-to-door campaigns, using data in campaigns

To stay up to date, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media. Contact us if you have any questions, requests or suggestions beyond the annual program. We are also happy to receive feedback if something is missing from our program.

21th International Conference on Political Communication
Political communication in the field of tension of change: strategies for the future

Every autumn, the International Conference on Political Communication (ICPK) brings together the trendsetters in political communication in Berlin. In the Forum of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin or in the digital studio, communication experts present current practical examples from election campaigns and campaigns and discuss social changes and communicative challenges with academics and politicians. In addition to keynote speeches and discussion panels, participants can deepen their knowledge and network in workshops.

Read more about the 21th International Conference on Political Communication (only in german)


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Media library

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Dr. Daniel Schmücking

Daniel Schmuecking

Head of the Department of Political Communication and the Adenauer Campus

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Saskia Gamradt

Political Communication +49 30 26996-3252

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