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International Conference on Comparative Constitutional Transitions

International legal experts and Chinese scholars shall convene for a day-long seminar to discuss the topic ‘ Constitutional transitions.’

Expert talk

Strengthening Multi-Doors Approach in Combating Natural Resources-related Crimes

Environment Law Talks – Jakarta

The second round of Environment Law Talks will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Expert talk

Mainstreaming Environmental Justice

Through Science-based Participatory Governance and Effective Law Enforcement and Adjudication

The 2014 Environment Law Talks commenced with a two-day workshop on ‘Mainstreaming Environmental Justice’ in Cebu, Philippines in co-operation with the University of Cebu.

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Environment Law Talks – III

Strengthening Environmental Enforcement in South-East Asia

The Rule of Law Programme Asia conducted its third round of the annual Environment Law Talks in the region – this year the three-part talks were held in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam respectively.


‘Appropriate Expropriation’?

Securing Land and Property Rights in South-east Asia

The Rule of Law Programme Asia organized a conference in Siam Reap to discuss the regional implications of Expropriation. Its objective was to highlight the legal remedies and mechanisms to secure land and property rights in South-east Asia.


International Symposium on Judicial Integrity and Training

In continuation of an International Judicial Symposium on judicial training in 2013 held in Taipei, this April, KAS and the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions organized the next conference in Phnom Penh.

Study and Information Program

Introduction to German Case Study Methodology – II

Training for Judicial Trainers

Head of the Rule of Law Programme Asia Marc Spitzkatz was invited to conduct a two day training programme on Case Study Methodology to selected Law faculty members of Cambodia.


Fiscal Federalism and Multi-Layer Governance: Experience Sharing of Germany

Lecture on Federalism and Constitutionalism

The Rule of Law Programme Asia in co-operation with the Centre for South Asian Studies has organized a seminar of German experts to share the experience of Germany federalism and draw out similar strategies for Nepal.

Study and Information Program

Case Methodology and Training

Head of the Rule of Law Programme Asia, Marc Spitzkatz conducted a three-day training on Case methodology for students of the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions (RAJP) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Expert talk

Reconciling Forestry and Mining Management: Some Current Environmental Concerns in Asia

Environment Law Talks , Indonesia

The Indonesian seminar in co-operation with Hasanuddin University,Makassar on Forest and Management and Mining Laws in Southeast Asia followed the Malaysian experience, and concluded the three-part Environment Law Talks of 2013.

Constitutional Processes, Constitutional Commitments, and Democratic Change in Asia

On 28 February 2020, the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia co-organised an academic workshop intended to discuss several questions arising out of two overarching, but interrelated thematic areas: constitutional processes and democratic commitments as well as constitutional integrity and political change in the Asian region.

Global Conference: Judicial Independence under threat?

On 5 and 6 December 2018, Mrs Gisela Elsner participated in the Rule of Law Programme's Global Conference titled Judicial Independence under threat? which took place in Strasbourg, France.

The Practice of Constitutionalism in Asia – Emerging Trends and Contemporary Challenges

2nd Workshop of the Research Group on “Constitutionalism in Asia”

On the 26th and 27th of February 2017, the second meeting of the Asian Research Group on Constitutional Law took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In contrast to the previous year, this time the focus was on current developments and challenges for constitutional practice. With 12 experts from ASEAN countries, as well as from Nepal, Australia and Germany, the role played by law and policy, institutional structures and the rule of law was examined in the light of the linkage between state governance and constitutional development.

Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters

Co-organised by the KAS Rule of Law Programme and Osaka University, Graduate School of Law and Politics, the international symposium brought together researchers, lawyers, NGO members and policy makers from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US to discuss issues on environmental rule of law.

Elections and the Rule of Law – 8th Summer Lecture on Comparative Constitutional Law at Peking University

This year, the 8th Summer Lecture on Comparative Constitutional Law was held at Peking University, China, from 1 to 5 August. The event brought together around 80 young Chinese law lecturers, scholars and students, to discuss challenges pertaining to electoral systems and election laws in the jurisdictions of China, Taiwan and Japan.

KAS 6th Alumni Lawyers’ Workshop on ‘Legal Approaches to the Refugee Crisis in Asia’

The KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia held its 6th Alumni Lawyers’ Workshop on 25 and 26 June 2016 at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore. The theme for this year’s workshop was ‘Legal Approaches to the Refugee Crisis in Asia’, and it was indeed timely for us to discuss this subject in light of the 2015 European migrant crisis as well as the Rohingya refugee crisis of Southeast Asia. These events also brought the issues of human trafficking, irregular migration and the persecution of certain ethnic and religious minority groups to the fore and were topics that were actively discussed.

KAS Inaugural Research Group on Constitutionalism in Asia

On 28 and 29 June, the KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia conducted its inaugural Research Group Session on ‘Constitutionalism in Asia’. This event brought together leading experts and practitioners in the field of constitutional law, to engage in a region-wide discussion and consult one another on this important area of the Programme’s work in Asia.

KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia’s 10 Year Anniversary Symposium on ‘The Rule of Law in an Asian Century’

On 27 June 2016, the KAS Rule of Law Programme Asia commemorated the 10th year anniversary of the formal establishment of its regional office in Singapore with a Symposium at Tamarind Hill, Singapore.

Local Self Governance in South Asia: Problems and Prospects

On 8 March 2016 a regional seminar on legal issues in the relations between the central government and member states in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and the host country Nepal was held in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.

Sustainable Management of Coastal and Land Resources in Southeast Asia

Legal, Social, Economic and Environmental Dimensions

An international conference on legal, social, economic and environmental issues with respect to land use in Southeast Asia took place in the Thai capital of Bangkok on November 4th and 5th 2015. The Rule of Law Programme of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation cooperated with the Thailand Research Fund, the Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia, and the Economy and Environment Institute of the Lower Mekong sub-region on the occasion of this conference.

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