Publications on the topic of “Sustainability needs Innovation”

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The Sky is No Limit!?

The space and satellite program of Vietnam

10 years ago, Vietnam's first earth observation satellite VNREDSAT-1 was launched into orbit with French-European support - a milestone for the emerging Southeast Asian country

Fokus Energiepolitik. Saubere Energie vom Hochrhein!

Exkursion mit Besichtigung des Wasserkraftwerks Wyhlen am Hochrhein samt zugehöriger Power-to-Gas-Anlage zur Herstellung von Grünem Wasserstoff mit Expertengespräch

Was ist eigentlich "die Energiewende" und wie kann sie vor Ort gelingen? Nach einer Führung durch das Wasserkraftwerk Wyhlen referierte Bürgermeister Dr. Tobias Benz über die Umsetzung der Energiewende am Beispiel seiner Kommune. Zahlreichen Möglichkeiten stehen noch mehr gesetzliche Hürden entgegen.


Jahresbericht 2022

Einblicke in das Jahr 2022 der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Vor dem Hintergrund des Krieges haben sich unsere Kernthemen – Sicherheit, Innovation sowie Repräsentation und Partizipation – im vergangenen Jahr abermals in höchs­tem Maße bewährt. Sie haben unserer Arbeit die notwendige Orientierung in unruhigen Zeiten gegeben. Wir konnten unsere Positionen schärfen und gezielt der Öffentlichkeit vermitteln.

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Ready for the „water turnaround“?

The German Government’s National Water Strategy

This year's United Nations World Water Day on March 22nd took place under the slogan "Accelerating Change" and called for an acceleration and intensification of efforts towards sustainable water use at all levels - nationally and internationally. On 15 March 2023, the Federal Cabinet adopted the Federal Government's National Water Strategy: In view of the consequences of climate change, the Federal Government intends to initiate a "water turnaround" by focusing on ten strategic themes to accelerate the transformation in the water sector.

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Manipulation and Disinformation in the Metaverse

What Are the Challenges and How to Counter Them?

New virtual communication spaces such as the Metaverse enable even better immersion in a fictitious, yet very real, environment. In this environment, there is an even stronger mixing of entertainment and information. Therefore, disinformation as well as manipulation can be absorbed more intensively there. What exactly do we have to adjust to with this technology and how can disinformation be countered in these communication spaces?

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Energy region Greece & Eastern Mediterranean - a region arises as Europe's supplier!

Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean can play a new important role

War in Ukraine, reduction of CO2 emissions, phasing out lignite; these are all keywords in the prevailing debates when it comes to energy supply in Europe. In the last two years, the way energy was used for electricity, heat and transport has been fundamentally changed. In the future, we will have to find new ways of producing and generating energy and prepare ourselves for a new era. Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean can play an important new role in this, to the benefit of the whole of Europe.

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Between Hype, hope and tangible changes

The potential of green hydrogen for Namibia and Africa.

By implementing its plans for becoming a leading producer of green hydrogen, Namibia has the potential to kickstart its economy, create jobs nad help fight climate change. International partnerships, investment and know-how are key to making this long-anticipated hope a reality.

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Pharmaceutical Location Europe – Strengthening Resilience and Competitiveness

The European pharmaceutical industry is a driver of innovation and an essential part of medical care – How can we strengthen a key industry?

Europe's pharmaceutical industry is both an economically important sector and an essential part of the provision of medical care in times of geo-economic tension. In particular, there are critical dependencies on certain generic drugs and active ingredients, especially from China, India and various Southeast Asian countries. To strengthen resilience, supply chains should be diversified, among other things, while to strengthen competitiveness, the regulatory framework must be improved, including through innovation-promoting research conditions.


Token Study

Blockchain technology fundamentals and application scenarios

The token study analyses the technical properties of distributed ledger technology (DLT) as a central element of a blockchain. The focus is on a structured explanation of the fundamentals of DLT as well as current regulatory developments, with a view to case law in Germany and the EU. Building on this, selected application examples show the impact of DLT on industry and the financial sector. Finally, the study provides an outlook on the further development of the technology.

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How to write multilateralism again?

On the question of purchase guarantees and WTO rules

German and European producers are supposed to receive purchase guarantees by the German government in order to boost the development of renewable energies. Nevertheless, this practice violates World Trade Organization rules. However, there are alternatives such as tenders that allow for qualitative aspects. This article discusses the implications of these proposals and notes that deliberate violation of multilateral trade rules is troubling, especially as the importance of such rules in other areas is emphasized.