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Focused on our main topics: The Chairman's Newsletter is published four times a year

The activities of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung are diverse - from background reports from our offices abroad to events on current topics to analyses of the issues and challenges of our time.

To ensure that you no longer miss an event or publication, we offer you the opportunity to receive information from the Chairman of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Prof. Dr Norbert Lammert, in our newsletter four times a year. Focused on our three main topics - innovation, security and representation and participation - you will receive information on selected projects, events and publications.



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Broadly positioned in social media: diverse offers and formats for a wide range of target groups

Democracy needs to be actively sustained and defended – offline as well as online. That is why we offer political education, analyses of current sociopolitical topics and much more also via social media. With our social media presence too we meet our obligations as a political foundation.



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"Together. Democracy. Shape." Through political consultancy, we work for peace, freedom and justice worldwide. Our goal is to preserve democracy, promote & strengthen international dialogue. Especially on LinkedIn, we find interested target groups for our analyses and publications, with whom we engage in dialogue and exchange.

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On our Facebook account @kasfb we offer insights into our work as a political foundation. If you want to know how we foster democracy, peace, freedom and justice in Germany but also worldwide, then follow us on Facebook!

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If you do not want to miss our analyses, assessments and policy recommendations related to current sociopolitical issues, then follow our Twitter account @KASonline. There you will learn about our new publications and current events.

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"Together. Democracy. Shape." As a political foundation, we also care about young target groups. One way to reach them is TikTok, which is why we have been on TikTok since the end of November 2022. We are aware that this is a risk, because the Chinese platform is not without controversy. But we want to dare new things, communicate courageously & also stand up digitally for the values that are important to us.

Statement on TikTok

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With our Instagram account @onlinekas we actively engage in sociopolitical debates. Be it Europe, digitalization, esports, foreign & security policy or social justice, on Instagram we discuss current topics with you and illustrate what it means to create the future based on Christian democratic values.

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On our Youtube channel @onlinekas you find in-depth videos on current sociopolitical issues. Our own experts but also renowned personalities from the fields of politics, science, economy or civil society provide answers and insights into a variety of topics. Have a look!

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Via our Twitch account we promote the dialogue between the gaming / esports community and representatives of the political realm. Renowned personalities from the gaming community discuss with interesting guests topics such as social participation, social interaction or commitment to our democracy. Discussions on ethical values with regards to esports are particularly important to us.

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Our three main topics Innovation, Security and Representation and Participation play a big role on our social media accounts. We would be delighted to discuss these topics with you on Twitter, Instagram and the like via #KAS4Innovation, #KAS4Security and #KAS4Democracy.



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RSS feeds - this is how it works: An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is nothing more than a news direct channel from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation to you. Whenever we publish an article, a publication or a press release, you will receive a notification, even if you do not have an internet browser open at the moment.


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We are currently working on the development of our RSS feeds, which we will provide on this page soon.

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