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KAS Media Africa Launches “Why Journalism – Stories from News Reporters in Africa”

14 journalists tell why they chose the profession despite all odds

In May, KAS Media Africa launched in Johannesburg, South Africa, an anthology of stories written by journalists from across the African continent. These journalists explain why they do what they do, despite the fact that they could look for greener pastures with fewer threats and better working hours.

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In the book’s preface, KAS Media Africa director, Christoph Plate, notes the waning interest in journalism as a serious career option for many young people across the world.

Edited by Kenyan veteran journalist, Joseph Odindo, the 14 writers from countries such as Kenya, Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria and Somalia, share pivotal moments that set them on their paths into illustrious, and sometimes dangerous careers in journalism.

The launch at the Wits Club brought together friends of KAS Media Africa, the editor, as well as one of the book’s authors. The event also served as a send-off for Plate, who for almost 6 years, has led KAS Media Africa.

You can download the publication link on this page.

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