Unpacking Federalism in Iraq

de Hamzeh Hadad

Perceptions and demands of federalism across three Iraqi governorates

In recent years, existential crises – like war and terrorism – have dominated headlines, research, and policy discussions on Iraq. As a result, important topics, like federalism, have often been pushed aside.

Today, this is no longer the case, as federalism is being openly discussed by politicians, civil activists, and ordinary citizens. This report builds on these discussions and examines perceptions of federalism in three important Iraqi governorates: Basra, Ninawa and Sulaymaniyah. In the process, it shows both the commonalities and differences across these governorates. For example, discussions of federalism throughout Iraq have been coloured by the experience of Iraqi Kurdistan, which has made federalism synonymous with separatism for many. However, the discussion is shifting away from Baghdad-Erbil relations and this report centralizes the experience of individual governorates and their perception of ideal center-periphery relations.



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