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Facts and Findings

How to Proceed with Nord Stream 2?

by Jasper Eitze, Steven Höfner, Laura Philipps

Germany's Foreign Policy Options

When it comes to Nord Stream 2, opinions tend to differ sharply. What constitutes a primarily economic project for some is a highly political issue for others. Irrespective of the pipeline commissioning in 2020, many issues remain open and harbour serious political risks.
  • Nord Stream 2 illustrates that German energy policy needs to become more strategic, more European, and requires better communication.
  • A European decarbonisation strategy 2050 should include Ukraine, especially with its gas storage capacities, as an inherent component thereof.
  • The significance of natural gas for the transatlantic relationship and the relations with Russia requires greater cooperation within the EU and a constructive joint approach.

Jasper Eitze