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Reporter Slam Africa 2024

Entertaining stage format with journalists in cooperation with the Reporter Slam Organisation Germany and African citizens.

The event brings journalists into the spotlight and challenges them to tell a unique and interesting way about their work. At the event journalists will compete against each other and present their story as creative as possible and give a behind the scenes look at their life as a journalist. The end of the event the journalist whose story is appeals to the public will be named the Slammer for 2024.


2024 IPI World Congress and Media Innovation Festival

A gathering of leading journalists, editors, and publishers from around the world.

Journalists from Africa will attend with the support of the KAS Media Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa. So, they can bring their respective perspectives, knowledge and experiences from Africa into the debates.


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African Media Councils' Meeting

Convened by the South African Press Council and supported by KAS Media Programme Sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen self-regulation of media content in Africa by fostering communication and an exchange of information between independent media councils, identifying issues of common concern, discussing the establishment of a network of media councils, and giving African delegates the opportunity to prepare for and attend the conference of the global Organisation of News Ombudsmen and Standards.


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Adenauer Media Lecture

Television is dead, long live television!

The first Adenauer Media Lecture will take place at Wits University on the 19th of March 2024.

Expert conference

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Local Journalism Conference 2024

New Challenges for Local Journalism

Local news is the solution for the survival of ailing media.


KAS Media Africa Local Journalism Award Call for Submissions 2024

KAS Media Africa invites you to make your submissions in English or French for consideration.

Local journalism is what makes the media and its audiences tick. It is the stories around us and about us, that speak to the situation in a country. Moreover, local news, if presented professionally, can be elevated to national level and sometimes, even make international headlines. Many local journalists struggle daily with breaking international news down to a local level. How does a coup d’état in Mali affect its neighbouring countries? What does climate change mean for the subsistence farmer in Zimbabwe?


Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom 2023

Executive Education Course

Today’s newsroom environment is not devoid of conflict. With many competing interests, especially the business demand for media survival while journalists do what they know best – tell compelling stories – there is bound to be conflict.

Expert conference

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KAS Media Africa Conference on Business Journalism

Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Exchange About Finance and Economics

Finance and economics reporting is a fundamental element of journalism.

Expert conference

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The Opportunities of Local Journalism

The Need for Quality and Sustainability

Local Journalism in Africa faces many challenges, including the lack of recognition by the public and increasing financial constraints. These are a threat to the sustainability of local journalism - a critical element of media across the world.


Managing Conflict in Today's Newsroom

Professional Development Course

A newsroom manager’s role is much broader than having the team deliver on publishing expectations. It calls for managing conflict in a way that does not disrupt processes and impact on journalism quality.

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The contribution of parliamentarians to democracy and prosperity in Sub-Saharan Africa

The KAS hosts the first Sub-Saharan Africa Conference.

Stay authentic

9th E-lection Bridge of the KAS in Banjul, The Gambia

Building a bridge between the players in modern political communication - that is the goal of the KAS E-lection Bridge conference that brings together leading campaign experts from sub-Saharan Africa and Germany. This year the KAS welcomed the experts in Banjul from March 3rd to 7th, 2019.

Conference of KAS Media Africa in Addis Ababa

In Ethiopia, the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has initiated a reform course. The work of the media is also to be reorganised so that censorship stops.

Re:publica in Accra: African political bloggers transcend boundaries

Accra, Ghana’s capital, became the first African city to host re:publica, Europe’s biggest digital and internet conference, in December 2018. The two-day gathering drew more than 1,000 participants from Africa, Europe, mainly Germany, and elsewhere. Its programme spanned topics including arts & culture, data, education, gender diversity, journalism and waste management.

Changing Narratives

Conference on Crisis- and War-reporting

Academics, journalists and the interested public engaged at the Crisis- and War-Reporting conference organized by KAS Media Africa and the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre.

African Journalism professors collaborate to improve economic reporting on the continent

Improving business reporting in Africa begins with the journalism schools and tailor-made curricula to challenge and inspire our future journalists.

Malawi journalists prepare for 2019 polls

With the elections in Malawi in May next year, KAS Media Africa gathered local journalists from across the country for an intensive election reporting workshop.

Première E-lection Bridge Academy francophone

In Ouagadougou tagen zwölf junge Politiker aus Westafrika

Douze jeunes politiciens d'Afrique de l'Ouest se réunissent à Ouagadougou

WITS Radio Academy

# Storytellers: Return to old values to look forward


The business models are forever changing, but the community, or listeners, will always remain a constant feature. No matter how the radio of tomorrow will look like, from podcasts to fact-checks – the core of the radio was and will always be the listeners and their stories, which are told by journalists. This is the reason why the radio of the future won`t disappear.

IPI World Congress in Abuja: Why Good Journalism Matters

In late June, Abuja, Nigeria’s political and media capital, was the host city of the annual International Press Institute World Congress bringing together over 200 editors, media executives and top journalists from the global network whose mission it is to defend media freedom and uphold the highest standards of journalism. This year’s conference theme was “Why Good Journalism Matters: Quality Media for Strong Societies”.