North versus South - The economic issue and how to overcome it

Online Seminars: "Two sides of the same coin? - Tensions in european identity"

In a series of online events we would like to adress issues of european identity and sources of conflict in the EU. Together with a young generation of european citizens we will discuss those polarizing questions not separately, but together as european neighbors.


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The flag of the European Union has become a symbol for her fundamental values: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and minority rights

What does it even mean to be European? To identify as and feel like a European? Many young people and university students, who grew up only knowing the European Union, would answer this questions differently than older generations. That is why we would like to invite young people from all over Central Europe to discuss those important topics with us and learn about their perspectives.

The construct of european identity is neither written down nor set in stone. It also includes cleavages and lines of conflict. Many countries have joined the european community since the signing of the Maastricht treaty 30 years ago. The union did benefit from this diversity, but it also opened up room for potential sources of conflict.

In our first discussion we would like to focus on the heated debate on economic issues between the south and the north that has shaped the european discourse since the debt crisis. While northern countries generally argue in favor of national economical responsibility, southern countries call for an increased solidarity with the financially weak and more freedoms regarding their debt policies. Bailout clauses for example are a extensively emotionally loaded issue; such is the ECB policy or the banking union aswell. How does the future for european economics look like and how can the conflicts be resolved?

The event will be held in english.



Further events of this series:

23 September: East versus West - The immigration issue and how to overcome it

30 September: Centre versus Periphery - The issue of further integration and how to overcome it


The discussion panels are a preparatory event for the KAS Summer School, which will take place in Dresden (September 2022). All attendees will be invited!



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  • Lucio Baccaro
    • Director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
  • Sebastian Plociennik
    • Economist & Head of the Weimar Triangle Programme

Christian Mumme


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