International Reports

Striving for Security in an Insecure World

by Dr. Amichai Magen
The coming years will necessitate a concerted effort to understand the ideology and modus operandi of jihadist terrorism, to contain and ultimately reduce the capacity and motivation of terrorists to attack. Indeed, the counter-terrorism posture in Germany and Israel will depend on the intelligent and determined application of common guiding tenets and so will greatly benefit from intimate German-Israeli dialogue, cooperation, and learning.
International Reports
November 18, 2014
Ein neuer langer Krieg? (18. November 2014)
Facts and Findings
October 31, 2014
Islamismus und Terrorismus in Deutschland (31. Oktober 2014)
International Reports
August 25, 2014
Das Verhältnis von Militär und Gesellschaft in Israel (25. August 2014)