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Giorgia Meloni's wondrous transformation

by Michael Feth, Dr. Nino Galetti
There was no lack of dire prophecies when the Fratelli d'Italia under Giorgia Meloni, which emerged from neo-fascist movements, clearly won the parliamentary elections on 25 September 2022. But in the first 100 days since taking office, the new right-wing government has been emphatically moderate. Not a few had expected Prime Minister Meloni to slip at the first opportunity on the international stage. But it is not only her outward appearance that has become very smooth. Thematically, she never misses an opportunity to make a clear commitment to Italy's obligations in NATO and the EU. On the subject of Ukraine, Rome is in the front line. And the scandal with France over the landing of refugee ships remained a single anti-European uproar. Without any ambiguity, Meloni has clearly distanced herself from the neo-fascist roots of her party on several occasions and has condemned Mussolini's racial laws, which led to the deportation of Jewish Italians to the extermination camps from 1943 onwards. In opinion polls, the Fratelli d'Italia are currently at 30-32 per cent. And more and more observers are wondering whether Meloni wants to move her hitherto strictly nationalist party to the centre-right in order to lead a new conservative party in Italy in the future.

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