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Ovinuchi Prince Ejiohuo / CC BY-SA 4.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Country Reports

Nigeria before the 2023 elections

by Marija Peran

The crisis-ridden country faces the mammoth logistical task of conducting the biggest elections Africa has ever seen.

More than 93 million Nigerians are called to elect a new president in the continent's most populous country and largest economy. The general elections are taking place amid mounting discontent in the country due to worsening insecurity and economic hardship. Just a few weeks before the elections, Nigeria is facing a complex culmination of problems: fuel and cash scarcity are leading to chaotic and violent situations all over the country. The elections that will decide the country's future differ in several respects from previous elections. The outcome of the elections in this - due to its size, complex politics and interconnected challenges - strategically important country in Africa is eagerly awaited.

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