Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a partner of the European Union to strengthen democracy, promote party cooperation and non-state actors (civil society, media, etc.), carry out political education and support good governance and decentralization.KAS increases the scope of its measures by implementing EU-funded projects. The complementary activities of the EU projects sharpen the profile of thefoundationin the respective country of operation and contribute to the implementation of European policies .

Since 2005, Konrad Adenauer Foundation has successfully implemented more than 80 projects worldwide in cooperation with local partners and with considerable co-financing amounting to more than 63 million euros.

The EU Projects Department is part of the European and International Cooperation Department (HA EIZ) and supports the KAS foreign offices and local partners in all phases of EU-funded projects. These include in particular:

  • Application
  • Management and implementation of projects
  • Consultation
  • Communication and liaison with the EU institutions

The department operates from its headquarters in Berlin and is supported by the Multinational Development Dialogue (MNED) in Brussels, which is primarily engaged in dialogue with the European Union and its institutions.

In cooperation with European and international partners, KAS also applies for EU service projects and benefits strongly from the worldwide institutional presence through its foreign offices as well as the broad network of local partners and experts on project-relevant topics.

This map does not reflect the recognised status under international law in every individual case.



Thomas Tödtling

Thomas Tödtling bild

Head of the Department EU Projects +49 30 26996 - 3470


Team member

Stephan Malerius

Stephan Malerius bild

Deputy Head & Desk Officer Department EU Projects + 49 30 26996-3609
Team member

Kerstin Liebich

Kerstin Liebich bild

Administrative Assistant Department EU Projects +49 30 26996 3542 +49 30 26996 53542
Team member

Denys Kats

Denys Kats

Administrative Assistant Department EU Projects +49 30 26996 - 3877
Team member

Daniela Zambrano-Cambero

Verwaltungssachbearbeiterin +49 30 26996-3479 +49 30 26996-53479
Team member

Peter Müller

Administrative Assistant Department EU Projects +49 30 26996-3681 +49 30 26996-53681
Team member

Angela Castelletti


Administrative Assistant Department EU Projects +49 30 26996-3727
Team member

Sylvia Smarsch

Sylvia Smarsch bild

Secretary / Assistant Department EU Projects +49 30 26996-3604 +49 30 26996-53604
Team member

Denis Schrey

Denis Schrey bild

Head of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue Brussels +32 2 66931 70 +32 2 66931 62
Team member

Ilke Fidan

Ilke Fidan

Programme Manager EU-Projects +32 2 66931 73 +32 2 66931 62
Team member

Igor Bryzhatyi

Igor Bryzhatyi bild

Programme Manager EU-Projects +32 2 66931 74 +32 2 66931 62