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Economic Empowerment for Iraqi Women and Youth

Women involvement and representation in executive positions within the Iraqi public and private sphere is substantially low, barely covered by the media and neither touched upon by public dialogue. In this context, KAS Amman and the Women Empowerment Organization organized a conference on the 5th and 6th of October 2013 in Erbil to discuss the obstacles women and youth are confronted with in the process of acquiring considerable economic competences.

Europe, the Levant and the Gulf States – Chances for Triangular Cooperation

Reconsidering Strategic Interests in the Middle East

Shortly before Christmas, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited academics, experts and decision-makers from the three regions to discuss the current priority issues of the Middle East during a multiday symposium, held at the Dead Sea, Jordan.

“Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan"

The Workshop on “Youth Strategy to Combat Societal Violence in Jordan” was organized by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Action on Societal Violence- KAFA. It was attended by around 45 young men and women from nine governorates of Jordan.

Violence at Jordanian Universities

Violence at Jordanian universities is a result of unresolved tensions not only at the university level, but also at the social and political level. The underlying factors behind its appearance are deepening and its implications vary. In this context, KAS Amman and Scoopat organized a workshop entitled “Violence at Jordanian Universities,” with representatives from universities, civil society, media, and the political sphere to identify the reason and discuss possible solutions.

“Gewalt in der jordanischen Gesellschaft – Gründe und Lösungsansätze”

Während der letzten Jahre erlebte Jordanien einen signifikanten Anstieg gesellschaftlicher Gewalt, welche von Vandalismus über Schießereien bis hin zu Mord reicht. Um diesem gefährlichen Missstand zu begegnen organisierte die KAS Amman zusammen mit der Non-Profit-Organisation Action on Societal Violenc – KAFA am 28. September 2013 ein Seminar, welches die Ursachen dieser Gewalt aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven diskutierte und anschließend praktische Lösungsansätze erarbeitete.

“The Syrian Conflict and its Impact on Jordan”

Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh

The Syrian civil war aggravated into an untransparent conflict in terms of players, level of violence, victims, and an increasing number of refugees. Especially Jordan is facing a huge influx of Syrian refugees which poses significant socio-economic, political, and security challenges to the country. In this context, KAS Amman and RCCP organized an international seminar on the 3rd of July 2013 to discuss various perspectives of the Syrian conflict and its impact on Jordan.

Der Arabische Frühling und seine Auswirkungen auf die Medien

Im Zuge des Arabischen Frühlings erlebte die Region eine Welle des Optimismus und der Hoffnung auf eine freiere Medienlandschaft. Meinungsfreiheit ist ein fundamentales Recht und essentiell für die Erlangung anderer Menschenrechte. Aus diesem Grund organisierte KAS Amman zusammen mit dem Jadal Media Training Center am 16. März 2013 einen Workshop, um die Entwicklung der Medien während und nach dem Arabischen Frühling sowie ihre entscheidende Rolle im Demokratisierungsprozess zu diskutieren.

Der Arabische Frühling und seine Auswirkungen auf Frauen

Im langjährigen Widerstand gegen die Diktatur kam den Frauen eine entscheidende Rolle zu. Doch erst die Bewegungen des Arabischen Frühlings gaben ihnen eine noch nie da gewesene öffentliche Präsenz in ihrem Kampf gegen Exklusion und Marginalisierung. KAS Amman und Jadal Media Training Center organisierten deswegen am 8. Juli 2013 eine Diskussionsrunde, um eine intensive Auseinandersetzung mit dem Arabischen Frühling und seinen Auswirkungen auf die Rechte der Frauen zu schaffen.

Introduction to Media Skills for Women’s Organizations

Training Workshop

Women’s organizations in Jordan are highly committed to serve the cause of equality and justice for society. Yet, their work is not known by a large part of the community. One reason is that many of their members lack the skills needed to approach and to professionally deal with media companies. Therefore, KAS Amman and Imdad Media Center organized a five days Trainingworkshop for Jordanian women’s organizations to gain better media skills.

Energy Security in the Middle East - Geopolitics, Security Challenges and Sustainable Supplies

Geopolitics, Security Challenges and Sustainable Supplies

With regard to the critical global need for energy security as well as the specific need to combat the energy dilemma in Jordan, KAS Jordan Office, the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS), the US-Korea Institute and, the Omni Advisory Group and the Energy Center of the Higher Council for Science and Technology organized a conference on June 12-13, 2013, in Amman entitled “Energy Security in the Middle East - Geopolitics, Security Challenges and Sustainable Supplies”

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