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Country Reports

South Korea and Vietnam

by Florian Feyerabend, Duc Huy Nguyen

A comprehensive strategic partnership

An overview of the cooperation between South Korea and Vietnam - from from economy to security policy to culture

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Vietnam's role in the Indo-Pacific is becoming increasingly important due to its rapid economic development, geostrategic location and diverse political connections. The development of relations between South Korea and Vietnam is an example of this. After being on opposing sides during the Cold War, both countries have sought close economic cooperation since the early 1990s. The diversity of connections between the two countries is a special feature of their relationship. The close economic ties, the influence of Korean pop culture and shared geopolitical challenges provide fertile ground for what has been officially a “comprehensive strategic partnership” since December 2022.


The full-length country report is only available in German.

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About this series

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is a political foundation. Our offices abroad are in charge of over 200 projects in more than 120 countries. The country reports offer current analyses, exclusive evaluations, background information and forecasts - provided by our international staff.