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Green hydrogen in Latin America

by Heloisa Schneider

Possibilities, barriers and opportunities

The investigation aims to be a contribution to the debate on the introduction of H2 green in the region and a meeting point, so readers are expected to use it as a reference and as an input.

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The widespread adoption of hydrogen and green hydrogen in particular will change global energy geopolitics.

The text provides information on the progress and policies for the development of the hydrogen economy in five countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico) and provides a current, relevant and useful idea for the region.

Contents of the publication:

  • Hydrogen as an energy alternative
  • The production environment and prospects in some Latin American countries
  • Opportunities and challenges for implementing a green H2 economy

In addition, the study includes 2 infographics summarizing 2 key points:

  1. Green hydrogen as an energy alternative
  2. Green H2 in Latin America: initiatives and projects


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* The publication is available in Spanish and English.

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