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Selected contributions to the series with international relevance


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Pregnancy Conflict and the Principle of Dual Advocacy

On the current discussion about § 218 StGB

The renegotiation of abortion laws in Germany raises profound questions: Can the balance between women's rights and the protection of the unborn be maintained? Prof. Sautermeister warns against neglecting the principle of "dual advocacy" and calls for a nuanced debate. A critical view of a societal turning point.

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A New Cross-Front of Left-Wing Extremism and Islamism?

Anti-Imperialism and Postcolonialism as the Basis for Antisemitism

In an era where political boundaries are increasingly blurred, this article examines the surprising alliances between left-wing extremism and Islamism. Focusing on anti-imperialism and postcolonialism as ideological foundations, the text sheds light on how this connection fosters antisemitism and the dangers that arise from it.

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AI methods for specific challenges in education

Enabling effective support and challenge

The education system must succeed in strengthening the basic skills of a heterogeneous student body. Adaptive learning systems offer individual support through customized tasks and can support teachers in this challenge. However, they have hardly been used in Germany to date. Successful use requires close integration with classroom teaching and teacher training. In addition, the successful development of adaptive educational media requires a coordinated effort from politics, science and industry.


The (in)visibility of (forced) prostitution in the criminal justice system

Is a Prohibition to buy sex a solution?

A penalised ban on buying sex is the subject of controversial debate. In principle, it is not the task of (criminal) law to enforce moral standards of behaviour or to protect people from the consequences of the life decisions they make on their own responsibility. Does this apply to prostitution? The analysis addresses whether prostitution and human trafficking can be curbed with the help of a sex purchase ban based on the "Nordic model".


Cyber Actors: North Korea

How cyber operations support the state system

In recent years, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has increasingly instrumentalized cyber and increasingly instrumentalized the cyber and information space to implement its state policy agenda and is exploiting the entire spectrum of possible operational targets: sabotage and disruption, signaling, political espionage, economic espionage, foreign currency procurement and propaganda.

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Health and psychosocial effects of the legalisation and commercialisation of cannabis

Cannabis legalization at the expense of children and young people

Cannabis legalization leads to an increase in consumption. In addition, the risk perception of harmful effects decreases due to the easier availability of cannabis. Harmful effects include impaired concentration and memory, apathy, anxiety, depressive and schizophrenic disorders. Legalization in Germany is an experiment that is being carried out on the backs of children and young people for the benefit of robust luxury consumers.

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Online, offline or both?

Practical test of survey methods – which survey method delivers trustworthy, representative results?

Survey data that is supposedly representative of the population is published almost daily. However, its quality is increasingly being questioned. These doubts are also linked to an accelerating trend towards online surveys. So-called mixed-mode samples from online and telephone data are also increasingly entering the survey market. But which survey method delivers reliable results? What are the opportunities and problems of internet-based methods? What role do data weighting and accessibility play? Analyses of telephone, online and mixed-mode samples provide answers.

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More "Net from Gross"

Relief through an allowance in statutory health insurance

In light of demographic changes that inevitably increase pressure on our social security system, an unstoppable rise in social insurance contributions looms unless decisively counteracted with reforms. Especially low-income households, which already bear a disproportionately high financial burden relative to their income, are under this strain. Consequently, there is a need for targeted relief for these households directly within the framework of social insurances, rather than through tax deductions. An allowance in statutory health insurance could significantly reduce the burden for employees subject to social insurance. To keep the costs of the reform manageable, it seems sensible to grant allowances only to a precisely defined target group.

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German Universities in International Comparison

Challenges and Need for Action

The modernisation of teaching and research as well as increased financial support and structural reforms are essential in order to further improve the international competitiveness of Germany as a university location. High-quality education and excellent research play an outstanding role in promoting innovation and creating economic prosperity in Germany and Europe. Investments in this area must therefore be seen as long-term, non-negotiable investments in the future, even in financially difficult times.

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Pathways to the third child

An international comparison of family policy measures

As demographic change progresses, the question of the third child plays a central role in the context of discussions on the development of birth rates. What factors influence the decision of couples to realise their desire for more children and what family policy measures are used to support multi-child families in France and Scandinavia, for example?

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