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Social Cohesion Department

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How we view our work

A number of different pillars support social cohesion in Germany. Nonetheless, there is growing concern about this cohesion: Globalisation and digitalisation, demographic change and migration, and the increasing diversity of lifestyles and values raise the question of what shapes us and unites us.

Responding to this question with analysis and consulting is an important component of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s mission of supporting public discourse on political and social issues.

By way of analysis, debate and consulting, the Social Cohesion department aims to provide answers to this question in three different ways.

The preconditions for successful social cohesion are to be found in family, youth and education policy. In families, people assume responsibility for each other. In kindergartens, schools, universities and training centres, young people do not only acquire education and specialised knowledge, but also acquire the bases for social thinking and action.

For many people, however, these bases are also to be found in their faith. Our country has been shaped by Christianity and Judaism for centuries. Along with the Jewish and Muslim communities, the churches provide value systems and identity. Despite the process of secularisation, religious convictions remain significant for society’s cohesion. Especially in light of the new religious diversity, religious policy is an important task for the future.

But the future of our country will also be determined in no small measure by a successful immigration and integration policy. There are a growing number of people on the move worldwide. Germany needs high-skilled immigrants. A successful immigration and integration policy that takes into account the rights, interest, hopes and concerns of both new arrivals and natives is thus indispensable. It is here precisely that one of the key political questions of the present day will get decided: How can we strengthen social cohesion?

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Selected projects of our department

Exclusive and selected projects of our department (possibly in cooperation with other departments or external partners) are presented in the following overview.

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Topic pages of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

We are significantly involved in the following KAS-wide thematic pages. Here you will regularly find various contributions (including publications and events) from our department.

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Media library

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