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Economics and Innovation

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Changes with far-reaching economic implications are happening before our eyes nowadays. An accelerating process of digitalisation of the economy and the working world is under way, and the rapid rise of Asian economies, and especially the Chinese economy, is creating tensions in terms of international trade and security. It is worrying how often current debates in Western industrialised nations - including in Europe - are characterised by self-doubt regarding market democracy models.

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung attaches importance to observing and analysing economic developments and challenges and global innovations, in order to help shape German policy with its advice.

The Economy and Innovation department thus provides policy recommendations for both a national and a European economic and innovation policy, which is distinguished by a solid conception of how to achieve future prosperity and offers responses to urgent questions: What products, services and business models will, in the future, help to create prosperity in Germany and Europe? What regulatory framework, what incentives and what ethical guard rails are needed to promote innovation and thus increase our competitiveness? How does European economic policy provide an overarching framework for the 27 member states and what are the priorities with respect to international partners?

The Economy and Innovation department offers suggestions on how the economic dynamism of Germany and Europe can be preserved while being made compatible with crucial ecological requirements. This gives rise to blueprints for a future combining the power of the market economy and the wealth of people’s ideas with cautious public policy.

We are convinced that the social market economy has a future. Its principles - freedom, individual responsibility, competition, the performance principle and social redistribution - have proven themselves in the long run and are the basis for Germany’s current economic situation. It is an economic system that will allow us to shape imminent processes of adjustment in a transformative way, which is open to different solutions, and to tackle challenges resulting from systemic competition with confidence. This is the background to the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s “Social Market Economy” prize, which is awarded annually and is housed in the Economy and Innovation department.

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Selected projects of our department

Exclusive and selected projects of our department (possibly in cooperation with other departments or external partners) are presented in the following overview.

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Topic pages of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

We are significantly involved in the following KAS-wide thematic pages. Here you will regularly find various contributions (including publications and events) from our department.

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Dr. Jan Cernicky


Head of the Economy and Innovation Department +49 30 26996 3516 +49 30 26996 3551


Team member

Dr. Christian Hübner


Artificial Intelligence +49 30 26996 3264
Team member

Dr Pencho Kuzev


Data and the Competition Policy +49 30 26996-3247 +49 30 26996-3551
Team member

Tim Peter

Portrait Tim Peter

Competitiveness of Europe +49 30 26996-3826
Team member

Gunter Rieck Moncayo

Gunter Rieck Moncayo

Economy and Trade +49 30 26996-3828 +49 30 26996-53828
Team member

Dr. Felicitas Schikora

Felicitas Schikora

Labor Market and Social Policy +49 30 26996-3631
Team member

Christian Stadler

Christian Stadler

Tax and Finances +49 30 26996-3677
Team member

Miriam Siemes

Portrait Miriam Siemes

Social Market Economy +49 30 26996-3232
Team member

Christina Thelen

Christina Thelen

Science and Research Policy +49 30 26996 3839
Team member

Tobias Wangermann

Tobias Wangermann bild

Digitalisation +49 30 26996-3380

Heidi Mittelstädt

Heidi Mittelstädt

Sekretärin / Sachbearbeiterin +49 30 26996-3437

Anne Halbey-Muzlah

Anne Halbey-Muzlah bild

Administrator +49 30 26996-3519 +49 30 26996-3561

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Publications to the topic

Mehr „Netto vom Brutto“ Adobe Stock / Fokussiert

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Relief through an allowance in statutory health insurance

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Social market economy - what does it really mean?

The principles and goals of the social market economy explained in ten chapters.

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More "Net from Gross"

On the usefulness of introducing an allowance in the social security system

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Umsetzung der Berliner Smart City Strategie in der Diskussion

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"Stability-Union or Debt-Union?"

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Zum Verhältnis von Politik, Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft

Globaler Klimastreik in München IMAGO /

Successful transformation needs pragmatism but not a new “Sondervermögen”

Sustainable fiscal policy does not need trickery

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Bioenergy: An Underestimated Pillar of the Energy Transition

Challenges and Opportunities for Bioenergy

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The future of statutory health insurance in Germany

Interview with Dr Jochen Pimpertz – a conversation about the solidarity principle, intergenerational equity and a funded second pillar of financing

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Impfstoffe und Medikamente gegen SARS-CoV-2

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Pharmastandort Deutschland

Ist die Versorgungssicherheit mit Arzneimitteln gefährdet?

Biotechbranche in Deutschland Image Source RF,

Biotech-Branche in Deutschland

Zur Position der deutschen Biotechnologie-Unternehmen: Potenzialanalyse und Handlungsempfehlungen

Laborant mit grünen Handschuhen und einer Petrischale voller Weizensamen uaPieceofCake,

Genome Editing: An important tool in our agriculture toolbox

Interview with Dr. Oliver Vogt MdB: The importance of new breeding techniques for the future of agriculture from a political perspective

„Die Pflanzenzucht ist eine Erfolgsgeschichte der Landwirtschaft“ pressmaster,

„Plant breeding is an agricultural success story“

Interview with Christopher Sieler: The potential of new breeding techniques from the perspective of the agricultural industry

Pharmastandort Europa, Stärkung der Resilienz und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zhane luk,

Europe as a Pharmaceutical Location – Strengthening Resilience and Competitiveness

The European pharmaceutical industry is a driver of innovation and an essential part of medical care – How can we strengthen a key industry?

Preis Soziale Marktwirtschaft 2023 - Christopher und Walter Mennekes mit Produkten imago/Gabi Sonnenschein/MENNEKES

„Preis Soziale Marktwirtschaft 2023“

Awarded to Walter and Christopher Mennekes of the MENNEKES Group

Chinas Finanzsystem wackelt IMAGO / NurPhoto

China's Financial System in Turmoil

What Does This Mean for German Investments?

Künstliche Intelligenz

Forum Künstliche Intelligenz

Veranstaltungsbericht zum internen Workshop mit dem KAS Fellow 2020/21 Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi

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Interview mit Ronja Kemmer über das KI-Weißbuch der EU-Kommission

Was sind die wichtigsten Punkte im Antrag des Bundestages?

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Dritter Teil der Interviewreihe „Künstliche Intelligenz aus globaler Perspektive“