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Political, economic and social challenges are becoming more and more complex, and changes require political decisions to be taken more and more rapidly. In addition, many developments of a global nature also have local repercussions. It is crucial to think about local and regional, national, European and global perspectives all together and to link them with one another.

Analysis and Consulting is the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung think tank. Here, we elaborate in-depth analyses and policy recommendations for the national, European and international levels. Along with our experts in a wide variety of subject areas, we develop consultancy products for practically-oriented, applied policy and introduce innovative strategies and new formats into our policy consulting, in order to offer support in an increasingly complex world.

Our expertise comprises democracy, law and political parties; national and international security; social cohesion; economics and innovation; sustainable development; and empirical social research.

To help shape public discourse on these topics, we use a variety of tools like conferences and symposia; background discussions and dialogue programmes; surveys, studies and position papers; and substantive exchange with experts in both group settings and one-and-one conversations. In our daily consultancy work, we enter into dialogue with political influencers, parliamentarians and decision-makers, scholars, associations, journalists, the interested public and global leaders, with the goal of developing policy recommendations and consolidating political networks.

Promoting a free, open and fair society, the rule of law and democracy, and a rules-based multilateral global order and commitment to the regulatory principles of the social market economy and the Christian view of human nature provide the starting point and reference point for our work.

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Dr. Viola Neu


Deputy Head of Division Analysis and Consulting,
Head of Department Electoral and Social Research

Viola.Neu@kas.de +49 30 26996-3506

Lea Massing

Executive Assistant

lea.massing@kas.de 030 26996-3686