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Results from a representative survey

Something New More Often: The electorate of the new left-conservative party BSW

A representative survey now provides information on the attitudes and social structure of the BSW electorate.
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A model of digital sovereignty for Europe

Synergies of blockchain and AI

The study advocates the establishment of a European AI ecosystem supported by a sovereign data marketplace and federated learning.
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Analysis of the European Elections in Germany on 9 June 2024

Report on the preliminary final result, the main voting determinants, voter migration and social structure.
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Bericht zur XII. Adenauer Konferenz am 16. Mai 2024

„Die NATO ist nicht nur ein Verteidigungsbündnis, sie ist auch ein Bündnis gemeinsamer Werte.“

Am zweiten Tag der XII. Adenauer-Konferenz stand die Stärkung des europäischen Pfeilers in der NATO und die Zukunft des Bündnisses im Fokus.
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Report on the XII. Adenauer Conference on May 15, 2024

“Zeitenwende needs a resolute approach”

On May 15, experts from politics, science, the military and society discussed the challenges facing NATO in its 75th year of existence.
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“Just don't let the Office for the Protection of the Constitution ring my doorbell.”

Representative survey on the prevalence of right-wing and left-wing extremist attitudes in Germany.
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Analysis and Consulting is the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s think tank. Here, we elaborate in-depth analyses and policy recommendations for the national, European and international levels.

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How much me? Questions about self-determination
Professor Dr. Judith Froese and Susanne Hierl MdB
We discuss the consequences and social challenges of the Self-Determination Act with Professor Froese and Susanne Hierl, Member of the Bundestag.
European Data Summit 2023: Antitrust Crossroads – A Revolution in Confronting the Monopoly Threat?
Experts Barry Lynn, Philipp Marsden, and Johnny Ryan discuss the intersection of antitrust laws, monopoly threats, and the preservation of democracy.
Expedition Polarstern 138:
Meeresforscherin Antje Boetius im Interview über die Arktis und den Klimawandel
Im August begaben wir uns an Bord des Forschungsschiffs 'Polarstern', kurz bevor es Kurs auf den Nordpol nahm, um ein aufregendes Interview mit Professor Antje Boetius zu führen.
Expert interview
Environmental and political challenges of Antarctica
We discuss the most important challenges for the region, we look at the possible consequences of climate change and ask what needs to be done to meet the challenges ahead.
Richard Ottinger
Es gibt auch das Recht auf negative Religionsfreit. Dieses werde in Anbetracht der steigenden Anzahl nichtreligiöser Menschen immer wichtiger.

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