“Multilateralism Light”?

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and the Rescue of a Rules-Based International Order.

In this article the autor Jürgen Rüland argues whether the promotion of multilateralism is welcomed by the ASEM. With the right-wing movements happening in the west he addresses how far ASEM is prepared to act proponent of multilateralism.

Behind the Scenes of Uganda’s Refugee Policy

A Field Report from Rhino Refugee Settlement

In a visit to Rhino Refugee Settlement, KAS and Hon. Andreas Lämmel had the opportunity to gather first-hand insights into Uganda’s globally applauded refugee policy. Despite huge numbers and restricted resources, the international laudatio seems justified with thorough organisational structures in place. A field report.

Collected Works of EHU Political Science Graduates

Politics and Society in Belarus

This is a joint publication of the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the European Humanities University and Belarus Country Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This publication has been made possible thanks to the financial support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Sole responsibility for facts or opinions expressed in this publication lies with the authors. The European Humanities University and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation assume no responsibility either for the information contained in the publication or any subsequent use of it.

Samuel Morazan auf Pixabay

Independence of the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) in danger?

The temporary suspension of a journalist, a five-hour stop and the question of who pulls the strings, where and why

It is the most serious crisis in the Bulgarian media landscape for a long time. For several days, the Bulgarian National Radio rules the headlines. The temporary transfer of a longtime presenter shows the political influence on the work of public service broadcasting in Bulgaria. The protest of colleagues and listeners, however, shows the awareness of being able to defend against it.

Economic Recovery in Syria: Mapping Actors and Assessing Current Policies

KAS and Omran Center for Strategic Studies Publish a Book on Economic Recovery in Syria

After more than eight years of conflict and despite a decrease in violent clashes across the country, the political and military landscape in Syria remains unstable. As the conflict seems to be in a final phase, many challenges begin to take shape. Some of the main concerns are related to early economic recovery, which has already started to take place in several areas of the country. As a result of these developments, local, regional, and international policies towards the country have adapted to this reality. This paper aims to analyze and identify actors’ interests and objective criteria for an effective economic recovery that fosters long-term stability and development. Furthermore, it assesses some of the early economic recovery efforts conducted by various actors in their zone of influence in Syria.

Vereinte Nationen

The High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development

Reviewing the Review Mechanism

The High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF), held at the level of heads of state and government, took place from 24 to 25 September 2019. It was the first meeting of the HLPF at this level since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in September 2015. In addition to the review of the current state of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this summit also served as opportunity to evaluate the HLPF with regards to its effectiveness as monitoring mechanism of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

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Österreich vor den Wahlen

Vorwahlbericht zu den Nationalratswahlen 2019

Am 29. September 2019 werden in Österreich die vorgezogenen Wahlen zum Nationalrat, dem österreichischen Parlament, abgehalten. Diese wurden nötig aufgrund eines auf Ibiza gedrehten Videos, das die Republik erschütterte. Infolge der Veröffentlichung entstand eine politische Krise, wie es sie in der Zweiten Republik Österreichs noch nicht gab. Knapp eine Woche vor den Wahlen, scheinen die Ergebnisse schon festzustehen – nicht aber, wie die nächste Regierung aussehen könnte.

Der Stand der fortgeschrittenen Dezentralisierung in Marokko

In der arabischen Publikation wird der aktuelle Stand der Dezentralisierung in Marokko ausführlich dargestellt.

Unklarer Wahlausgang

Neuwahlen in Israel enden in Pattsituation

Es hat nicht gereicht. Trotz aller Anstrengungen hat Premierminister Benjamin Netanjahu sein Ziel verfehlt, eine Mehrheit aus rechten und ultraorthodoxen Parteien in der Knesset zu bekommen. Damit zeichnet sich eine schwierige Regierungsbildung ab.

"Ein großer Teil der israelischen Bevölkerung findet, dass 10 Jahre Netanjahu genug sind"

Dr. Alexander Brakel im Interview zur Parlamentswahl in Israel

Nachdem im April schon einmal in Israel gewählt worden war, hat der erneute Urnengang wieder keinen eindeutigen Sieger hervorgebracht. Es gibt ein Patt zwischen der rechts-konservativen Likud-Partei von Benjamin Netanjahu und dem Mitte-Bündnis Blau-Weiß von Ex-Militärchef Benny Gantz. Beide Seiten können nicht allein regieren und müssen sich nach Koalitionspartnern umsehen. Der Leiter des Jerusalem-Büros der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Dr. Alexander Brakel, erläutert im das Wahlergebnis.

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