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Practicing Religion amidst a Pandemic

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation in cooperation with the Institute for Political Research - Skopje and the Internet portal "Religija.mk" are continuing the project to monitor citizens' perception of religion and its role in multicultural societies.

The world is almost unaware of the state of crisis in which religious temples and religious institutions have been put in a position to close religious sites themselves, or to severely restrict the presence of believers in them. History will probably note that Easter 2020 will be celebrated all over the world without the presence of worshipers in the temples, whether they are Catholic or Orthodox. This 2020 will be marked in history as the year in which there will be not seen the well known images of Muslims from the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Jewish Pesach this 2020 will also be marked by something that may have been unthinkable until yesterday.

That is why this survey on public opinion focuses on practicing of religion amidst a pandemic crises.

This research can be useful and give a clear picture of the perception of believers on such important issues, especially since during pandemic crises the imposed protection measures can often clash with human rights and freedoms, and thus with the religious rights of citizens. , but also with religious interpretations of certain social conditions.

The idea should reflect the situationhow believers and religious communities in North Macedonia are dealing with such crises, but also more importantly, how believers perceive protective measures on the one hand, and on the other hand how they perceive the decisions of religious communities for such crises.